23 Weeks Pregnancy Survey

Man, have I been BUSY this fall wedding season!! But I love it! After next week I’ll no longer be at Dollface so I’ll have more time to work on my blog.

I can’t believe I’m already at 23 weeks! Vivian is an estimated 1.5lbs and the size of a papaya! Now that we’re over the halfway mark, I’m starting to get more anxious about everything we need to get.


Week: 23 weeks!

Total weight gain: Ugh, 25lbs! I had my checkup appointment this week and my sweet Obgyn finally told me to “keep an eye on my weight gain” as they only like you to gain around 35lbs. I hate to tell her that I’ll probably be at that weight by the time I’m 30-35 weeks!

Maternity Clothes/Baby Clothes: I just bought a gorgeous boho-type dress to wear for mine and Vivi’s baby shower my mom and friends are throwing for me in 2 weeks. I don’t want to buy anymore maternity clothes because I only have 4 months to go. Now clothes for Vivian, that’s a different story!!! I’m trying not to buy too much because I don’t know how big she’ll be when she’s born but if there is a sale, I’m taking advantage! My mom wants to be referred to as Nana like her mother was to me. I found a sweet onesie at Old Navy letting everyone know how much Vivian loves her Nana! And did I mention my OBSESSION with headbands and head wraps?!


Stretch Marks: None yet. I’m still just waiting but praying they don’t show up.

Sleep: Since I’ve started to use my Snoogle, I’ve been sleeping a little bit better. I still have to get up numerous times during the night to pee because she sits so low most of the time and dances on my bladder!

Miss Anything? The ability to sleep in! But then again, I guess it’s good so I can be a little prepared for her arrival!

Movement: Just this past week she has finally started to kick, poke, and high five me all the time! It’s interesting how she seems to be on a schedule. She moves the most before and after every meal, first thing in the morning, and between 2-3am every night. Matt finally felt her kick from outside my belly about 2 weeks ago. It was so sweet and such a special moment to share with him. =)

Food Cravings: Mmmm, BBQ!! I hate it because I don’t like to eat beef or pork because of my love for cows and pigs but the annual Mallard Creek BBQ was yesterday and they make the best Brunswick Stew you’ll ever have in your life so I HAD to go get some! I’m just telling myself that I won’t be pregnant for much longer and I’ll get back to how I normally eat…. Hopefully!

Gender: BABY GIRL!!!!

Labor Signs: Next question please…

Symptoms: Does getting fat count?!

Mood/Hormonal “Episodes”: I did have a meltdown a few days ago due to exhaustion. My poor husband… That’s all I’ll say!

Looking Forward To: So many things! The baby shower, my brother and his wife arriving in town next week, fall weather, and November 16th…. The LAST race of the season!!!


#WCW Woman Crush Wednesday; Some Maintenance Required

Some Maintenance Required

I met Amanda back in 2007 when I worked front desk at Varji Varji Salon and Spa. She was (and still is!) the color expert! Her clients always walked away with gorgeous, shiny locks and smiles on their faces. Her attention to detail and continued education makes her one of the top stylists in North Carolina.

I’ve stayed in touch with Amanda through the years and have enjoyed seeing her get married, have a precious little boy, and now expecting her second child, a GIRL! I’ve loved talking to her about our shared bond of carrying little girls. And did I mention she has an amazing blog called Some Maintenance Required?! She talks about anything and everything beauty and incorporates motherhood and pregnancy into it as well.

For today’s Woman Crush Wednesday feature, I asked the hair expert a few questions about new fall trends for hair, easy hairstyles for new mommies, etc. I know I’m going to be buying a couple of these products!

1. Favorite fall/winter hair trend? 

My favorite fall trend for color is what I call reverse balayage.  It’s taking a blonde or light brunette a bit darker, toning it down, but intentionally leaving out a few lighter pieces around the face and ends.  It’s the same effect you get when doing a balayage on a dark brunette.  For cuts, I’m loving shorter hair, shoulders and shorter.  I’ve had enough of the Kardashian mermaid long hair, with zero shape.  It’s been the trend for 6 or 7 years now, and I’m ready for a change.

Peaches & Glitter

2. If an expectant mommy has limp, lifeless hair during her pregnancy, what do you recommend to get the hair back to normal? 

The story of my life!!  I’ve combatted this dilemma with an arsenal of dry shampoo, teasing comb, and my curling iron.  Fresh highlights worked some wonders for me as well.  I’m bucking the trend and staying super blonde, in order to feel better.



3. What are your favorite treatments for the colder months?

I use and love the Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo and Conditioner are a great pair to add to your routine.  They are called the Fountain of Youth for hair.  You also have to stay on top of regular trims, even long hair.  Dry ends equals frizz and flyaway static hair.



4. What is the easiest hairstyle for new mommies?

In the beginning of motherhood, you’re lucky if you get to shower at all, much less “get ready.”  Unfortunately, I lived in ponytails and buns when my son was born.  Whatever you do, get your color done!  Beg, borrow, and bribe a babysitter so you can stay on track of your hair appointments.  No hairstyle looks good with trailer park roots.  Dry shampoo can also save your life!


*Be sure to check out Amanda’s post on makeup I was lucky enough to be a part of over on her blog!! 


Angelsounds Fetal Doppler – Review

As a first-time-mom, I’m one paranoid woman! At 22 weeks, Vivian is starting to kick, poke, and high five more and more everyday. As of right now I can’t imagine getting tired of this new sensation. But then again, she’s not big enough yet to squish my lungs. Even though I feel her I still get these awful thoughts in my head…. What if?

Something about the sound of her strong little heartbeat is like music to my ears. It calms every scary fear I have. So I decided to buy an at-home fetal doppler by Angelsounds. At only $29.99, you get the compact doppler, headphones, and an extra auxiliary cord so you can plug it into a speaker and record it if you’d like. Along with the doppler you need ultrasound transmission gel. I ordered this set for $7.99 from Amazon.


All you do, is turn the power on, put on your headphones, squeeze a generous amount of gel onto your lower belly, and hold the probe side down into your belly. Move it around slowly until you find that galloping horse sound! You found your baby! It’s the most reassuring sound a mother could ask for. The fun part of this at this stage in my pregnancy is that Vivian’s hearing is already developed so she can hear the doppler. How do I know this? Well, every time I’ve used it she’s started to move around a lot at that moment. When she’s moving I can hear every kick or punch and also the sound of my amniotic fluid being sloshed around!

I’ve read many reviews from healthcare professionals and what I’ve walked away with is that it’s okay to use the doppler periodically. Angelsounds says that you can use it everyday but to be on the safe side, I only use it once or twice a week. Just enough to get me excited every time I use it and to give me that peaceful state of mind.

I recommend this for any expectant mama out there! It’s such a joy to hear my little lady and also to share it with her daddy. =)

This is a photo of me using the doppler. I had just woken up so I have alot of sleep lines in my belly…. Don’t judge!





Peninsula Yacht Club Wedding

I’m so sorry I’ve been M.I.A. this week! Since it’s been harder to sleep through the night, it’s made me feel gross during the day. But I found my saving grace…. My Snoogle!! Best. Thing. Ever! I finally had a full nights sleep last night so I’m back to my old self!

On to the post…. I’ve worked with Erin Kranz many times through the past couple of years and I absolutely adore her! She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever come across. She truly cares about her clients and capturing their day just as they envisioned. I got to work with Erin again last month on one of the most gorgeous brides I’ve ever worked with. Stephanie was a dream to work with! I loved getting to know her. Not to mention playing up her amazing features! Those big brown eyes, super long lashes, and beautiful skin! I had such a great time getting ready with all of these BEAUTIFUL ladies! I know her day turned out exactly as she dreamed! Thank you to Teri-Lyn Hiroshige for helping me with makeup!



















Ceremony: St. Mark Catholic Church
Reception: Peninsula Yacht Club
Dress/designer: J. Major’s/Agusta Jones
Bridesmaid dresses: Savvi/ Dezzy After 6
Rings: Diamond’s Direct
Shoes: Nordstrom
Accessories: J. Major’s – veil, belt
Hair: Audrey Sprinkle
Tux: Men’s Wearhouse
Ceremony music: Donna M. Nestor, Jennifer Frisina, & Christina Sienkiewicz
Caterer: Peninsula Yacht Club
Cake: Cake Expressions by Lisa
Flowers: Flowers of Charlotte
DJ: Audio to Go
Videographer: Shoeless Works
Rentals/linens: Peninsula Yacht Club
Transportation: Royal Limousines
Stationary: Amore Papers


One Door Closing; Another Opening…

Dollface memories

It seems like yesterday that I was sitting with Lauren in one of the esthetics rooms at the old salon and spa where we used to work together dreaming of owning our own business one day. A few years went by and we finally made that dream come true. We opened Dollface Skin & Makeup Lounge in April of 2011. What a ride it’s been! Starting off in our little studio off of South Boulevard, moving to our little dollhouse in Cornelius in 2012 to be closer to our homes, both of us getting married, a beautiful baby girl being born, and now another little girl about to be born. Life has been so sweet and amazing. But sometimes in life, things must come to an end. This is where I will be closing one door, and opening a new one…..

My last day at Dollface will be next month, November 14th. It’s been such an extremely hard decision to make but with much thought and prayer, I’ve decided to step away from the esthetics side of the business. Why I’ve made this decision is mainly because of my little girl that is due to arrive in February of next year. In case you don’t know, my dear husband works in the intense industry of NASCAR. So therefore, he travels almost 40 weeks out of the year. So we’ve decided that the smart decision for our growing family will be for me to stay at home during the week with our baby girl.

But WAIT!! It DOESN’T end there!! I am still planning to continue my career as a makeup artist!! It is my passion and livelihood and I can’t imagine giving that up….

So what does this mean?! Well, it means that I am going to continue on as Casey Nelson Lombardi, aka, ‘Peaches & Glitter’! I will not be practicing esthetics, but just the magical world of makeup artistry! I’m so excited for this next chapter in my life and yet so scared at the same time. Most of my clientele are already makeup clients so I don’t know why I’m scared. I guess because it’s a small change. But a good one for me and my family.

I can’t thank Lauren enough for her support and friendship. She’s my sister and I love her dearly! It’s been an amazing journey and I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else.

*Starting the middle of November I will be switching over to my Peaches & Glitter email. I will be deleting my old email casey@caseynmakeup.com. This way, new clients won’t get confused!*


I’m so excited for this little bend in the road and want to thank everyone for all of the love and support through the years!!



Makeup Geek – Immortal Gel Liner

Ok, so this post today is going to be short and sweet. Why? Because this product is THAT amazing!


It’s Makeup Geek’s Gel Liner in Immortal. I only had to use it one time before I felt like I could give a good review on it. I’ve been struggling with finding a pen, gel, and pencil liners in black that I absolutely love. I’ve tried so many gel and pen liners for the top of my lid and find that with most of them, I have to go over them numerous times before I can get the desired matte black line.

Well let me tell you what happened when I first applied Immortal…. I dipped my Sigma E06 Winged Liner Brush into the pot and applied only one line of liner onto my lid. It was the blackest, most matte finish I’ve EVER seen!! I didn’t have to dip the brush back into the pot to go back over one more time. That’s never happened to me! The black was so vivid and matte!

I’ve found it. The perfect black liner. And at only $8.99, you won’t be able to beat it! And trust me, you NEED this!!!


Asheville Wedding

It was a rainy, gloomy morning back in May in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. But as the day went on, the skies cleared and a gorgeous couple had their perfect Asheville wedding.

Ashley was a dream bride to work with! She is so naturally beautiful that she really didn’t need that much makeup. But she wanted to play up her features so we did a soft golden brown smokey eye to play up her baby blues. I also softly contoured her chiseled cheekbones which was a lot of fun!

Enjoy these images from the insanely talented husband and wife duo of Blue Bend Photography






This first look picture is PRICELESS!!!!










20 Weeks – Halfway There!!!


I can’t believe it’s only halfway through my pregnancy! It feels like it’s been a lifetime already. I know that it’ll start to fly by now that I’m feeling relatively good! I had such a great week last week! I got to celebrate my best friends daughters first birthday and it was so beautiful and so much fun! I think Lauren should go into event planning! Just take a look at the decor:


Week: 20 weeks!

Total weight gain: Hopefully it’s still around the 20lbs mark!

Maternity Clothes / Baby Clothes: I haven’t bought it yet but I found an amazing Rachel Pally dress I want to wear for my maternity shoot in November. I told my photographer, the great Richard Israel, that I wanted to do them a little sooner than later since I’m already starting to swell and “filling out”!

My little lady is already starting to accumulate a wardrobe thanks to her Nana, mama, and Auntie Lou Lou. She’s got some cute little onesies on sale from Old Navy, a few items from Carters, and some darling bows!

Stretch Marks: None yet. I’m still just waiting but praying they don’t show up.

Sleep: It’s been a rough week. I’ve been sick with a cold. And when you’re sick while pregnant, you’re limited to what medications you can take. I’ve been so congested that sleep is still not good. I wake up and can’t breath so I have to sit up in bed to get a little relief. #pregnancyproblems

Miss Anything? Antibiotics!!

Movement: YES!!! I felt Vivian kick for the first time on the outside of my belly Sunday at Chloe’s birthday party!! It was like she was celebrating with us!! It’s happened twice since then and Matt has missed it each time. =(

Food Cravings: Cupcakes!!! And I stuffed my face with them Sunday at Chloe’s party!!

Gender: BABY GIRL!!!!

Labor Signs: Next question please…

Symptoms: Insomnia….. Again.

Mood/Hormonal “Episodes”: Matt has been amazing this week with taking care of me while I haven’t felt good. He went out yesterday to get me a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup from Panera (craving!). As I sat there eating it, I thought about how much I love that man and I bawled my eyes out! Wow……

Looking Forward To: The cooler fall weather!!

Nars Ita Brush

Contouring has taken over the makeup world this past year. Everyone is doing it or attempting to do it…. Literally! Whether you’re using powder products the Jaclyn Hill way or using cream foundations and concealers like Goss Makeup Artistit doesn’t matter. We all have tried every technique!


I know this brush has been around for a while now but wasn’t able to get my hands on one until my dear mama bought me one for my birthday this past month. Every time the brush was re-released, it would become sold out within a matter of hours. It’s been THAT popular! The Nars Ita Brush ($55) is the best, most fool-proof way ANYONE can contour and highlight their cheekbones, nose, and forehead.

The Ita Brush is made of goat hair (humanely I’m hoping!) and not as dense as most contouring brushes. This makes the color application process so easy! I only swipe into my sculpting powder (MAC Sculpting Powder in Bone Beige) ONCE and tap off excess before starting at the top of the bottom of my cheekbone (does that make sense?!) and brushing down back and forth until I get the desired amount of product for that sculpted look. It’s literally THAT easy!

I don’t normally like to contour on a daily basis because sometimes it can look muddy and not “real”. But since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve noticed that my face is starting to fill out so contouring my cheekbones and nose have helped me feel less puffy! If you’re into contouring and highlighting, INVEST in this brush!! You won’t regret it!!


Pinterest… Good or Bad For a Bride?

Rachel Fesko Photography

The other day I read a very interesting article by a photographer by the name of Aimee Grover. The article was called ‘A Photographers Perspective on Pinterest’. I found it to be very informative for both photographers and couples. As a bride who has already had her engagement shoot done, I could see how recreating a photo you saw on Pinterest can seem a little forced and also a little degrading to the photographer. The article asked a very good question; Are you hiring your photographer for their talent or because you think they can capture that same photo you love on Pinterest?

For mine and Matt’s engagement shoot, I told our photographer that I tend to get a little uncomfortable in front of the camera and I didn’t want to pretend like Matt and I were models. He asked what we like to do and I told him that Matt cooks a lot and I watch! I have an entire Pinterest Board for engagement shoot ideas. Did I show any of them to our photographer? Nope! Once he arrived at our home, he went right into photography art mode! He watched us, gave us ideas, and told us what to do! What I thought was going to be a shoot in our home, he asked if there was a fun spot outside near our house and we told him about our neighborhood’s wooden bridge. He asked if we were down and we said “Sure!” He told us to just love on each other, sit here, kiss there, look at the camera, and once we received our photos back I cried! They were Matt and I! He caught us being ourselves. It was our photographer using his own creativity to capture us being real and in love.

Back to the article… I thought this also retains to makeup! Granted, makeup artists usually tell brides to bring inspiration pictures to the trial run. But one has to remember that they aren’t the women in the photo’s. We can definitely recreate a look, but it will always look different on someone else because, well, everyone doesn’t look the same! We’ll do a look from a picture and the bride might think it’s too much or not like it so much on them. My advice, know what colors you like, know that warm colors bring out blue eyes, fuller lips look better with a darker or red lipstick/gloss, and KNOW that your makeup artist is creative! I look at peoples faces like blank canvas’s. I love going into a trial run and the bride says, “I trust you!” My mind starts running and seeing all different looks and then the perfect look pops into my head and I just go with it!



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