Vivian’s Nursery Preview

This week is all about giving thanks. And I sure do have a lot to be thankful for this year! It’s my first Thanksgiving with my husband and our baby girl on the way. It’s crazy how much things can change in less than a year!

Before we all eat ourselves into a food coma and spend time with our loved ones, I wanted to do a short preview of Vivian’s nursery! I don’t really have a “theme” for it except for mid-century modern with the colors being coral, white, and gold. I wanted clean lines. My baby girl is going to be like her Peaches & Glitter mama! I love pink, I really do, but I wanted her room to be a bit different than the traditional baby girl’s nursery. And thank God, my husband loves it!


Clockwise from top left:

1. I’m loving these gold dot linens from The Land Of Nod. They’ll look perfect in her simple crib and the changing pad will be great for the white dresser we plan to get.

2. I’m obsessed with this chandelier from Ikea for her nursery! I couldn’t find another one that would go with the mid-century modern theme better than this one.

3. Even though her room is carpeted, I still wanted to add a simple rug in front of her crib. And what better way to do that than with a faux fur rug like this one from Overstock!

4. I wanted to give Vivian her first stuffed animal that she can keep forever and ever. Disney is in my family’s blood so I couldn’t think of a better animal than Piglet from Disney Baby.

5. Next to the stroller fiasco, finding the perfect crib has been a nightmare! We’ve looked everywhere and I just didn’t love any of them…Until I saw this Hudson Crib by Babyletto on Wayfair. Free shipping! Score!!

6. I couldn’t find a picture of the glider we chose but it’s white. You could buy the ottoman that came with it separately but I love this white and gold Moroccan ottoman  so it wouldn’t be so “matchy matchy” if that makes sense.

7. I’ve decided to do a gallery wall of artwork above the dresser. The wall that the dresser will be on is coral so I wanted to do more white and gold artwork like these prints I will print out and frame myself.

8. Last but not least is the coral paint that is on 3 walls. It’s called Coral Bead from Sherwin Williams. It’s not too orange or too pink. It’s just right!

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday weekend!!!


Nathan Abplanalp – The World Has Changed Shoot

Last month I was asked by the talented photographer Nathan Abplanalp if I could do makeup (and hair…. Scary!) for a styled shoot he was doing for a project to be submitted to a Dedpxl photo contest. As of right now the photo submitted from the shoot is in 2nd place!

I was very nervous upon arrival because I don’t normally do any sort of hair. Simply put, I’m not great at it! But once the model arrived I saw her hair was nice and thick so doing very simple curls worked well for the style of the shoot! Nathan wanted a an ‘Old Hollywood’ type of look so I busted out some thick black winged liner and red lip. My favorite!

I will let these amazing photos speak for themselves. The creativity behind them is mind-blowing to me. It was so awesome watching Nathan work and seeing his vision come to life. Hopefully I’ll get to be a part of more fun shoots like this in the future!

Voting ends today so make sure you go vote for #8! You can vote here!



Stitched Panorama



Stitched Panorama



Stitched Panorama



Stitched Panorama



Top 5 Products For Winter!

Let’s be honest, it’s cold outside! And I don’t know about you but my skin is getting parched and dull. So I thought I’d share with you my top 5 favorite products for winter to keep your skin fresh and glowing!


1. Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser - $19.50 – This scrub cleanser is literally refreshing! One of the main ingredients in it is caffeine so you feel that immediate lift in your skin. With it’s mixture of jojoba, grapefruit, and spearmint, it’s great for every skin type. The blend of essential oils and scrub leaves your skin feeling hydrated and squeaky clean!


2. Sugar Lip Treatment  - $22.50 – Yes, this is a little pricey but totally worth it. I’ve always heard great things about this lip treatment but never invested. I finally did and my lips are thanking me! This treatment is infused with real sugar which is a natural humectant. Who knew?! It’s mix of vitamins A, C, E, and essential oils and waxes keep your lips kissably smooth! Not to mention it comes in 11 different shades!


3. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream - $28.00 – My good friend told me about this brand and I’m so happy I found them! I’m obsessed with this moisturizer. It’s especially great for sensitive skin caused by harsh winters or topical medications. It’s blend of colloidal oatmeal, shea butter, and essential oils will leave your face super hydrated without feeling greasy.


4. Lush Sakura Bath Bomb - $6.45 – Oh how I LOVE these!! The moment you place it in your warm bath and feel those amazing fizzy bubbles, your skin turns to silk. The scent reminds me of spring time with a bit of lavender and citrus. These bath bombs are infused with sea salt for it’s natural soothing effect. And it definitely soothes this achy, pregnant body of mine!



5. Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream - $32.00 – I’ve tried every body moisturizer under the sun and this is by far my favorite. Not only for it’s delicious smell but for the texture. I don’t like to have that greasy feeling on my skin but I also hate when moisturizers don’t leave my skin feeling smooth. It’s blend of oils, natural sugar, and citrus fragrances leaves your skin super smooth without the greasy residue!




Maternity Shoot With The Shultzes!

Let me start off by saying, I never win, well, anything! I was doing my morning browsing of my Instagram account and saw where the insanely talented husband-wife photography team, The Shultzeswere doing a contest to win a mini session with them. All I had to do was post a photo of my ‘perfect fall day’ and use their hashtag. It was the first chilly day here in the QC so I snapped a quick picture of my little buddy, Dave, curled up asleep on my lap:


Well guess what?! I found out early the next morning I won! I was so excited to finally meet and work with Cheyenne and Geoff. Their style of photography is like none other.

Because of Matt’s crazy schedule, he wasn’t able to be a part of the shoot but it all worked out perfectly because the day they were shooting was the same day as the baby shower so I was all ready to go in my new dress and had my hair done by my talented friend Lindsay Pizzuti with Mirror Bomb StudiosI took their last time slot of the day and the sun was setting so it made for beautiful lighting!

Like I told Cheyenne, I will never be able to thank her and Geoff enough for these photos. I can’t wait to share them with my baby girl one day….











NASCAR Inspiration Outfits

If you had told me 2 short years ago that I’d spend my Sunday afternoons watching NASCAR, I’d have laughed in your face. But guess what I do on most Sunday afternoons I have off? I watch the NASCAR Sprint Cup races! This is my hardworking husband’s first year in the Sprint Cup series. He works as an engine tuner for the #31 car driven by Ryan Newman. NASCAR put into place a new point system this year and Ryan has been very consistent with the points that he has made it all the way to The Chase (kind of like the Super Bowl of racing) without winning one… Single…. Race! I couldn’t be more proud of my husband and his team. They’ve worked so hard to get to where they are and I think it says a lot about Ryan Newman that he’s beat the odds and not won a single race but made it all the way to the top four!

Enough bragging, let’s get down to the fun stuff! I thought I’d dedicate a post to the women racing fans out there with a couple different CUTE outfits to show support of your favorite driver and team!

This first outfit inspiration is for none other than the #31 car of course! For those of us that won’t be in Homestead, Florida for the race this outfit will be perfect for the Arctic blast we’re having everywhere else in the country.


1. You can find this VERY cute (and wearable for NASCAR!) Ryan Newman shirt here for only $19.99.

2. I paired this shirt with some fun boyfriend-style jeans to keep the look casual and fun! You can find them here for $248. Yes, that’s pricey but I’ve found out through the years that jeans are an investment. If you invest in quality denim, they’ll last you forever!

3. And you CAN’T sport a Ryan Newman shirt without representing his top sponsor Caterpillar! You can find these snazzy booties here for $130. They’ll look great with the jeans rolled up twice!


This next outfit inspiration is dedicated to my second favorite driver Jimmie Johnson. Yes, I know he is no longer in The Chase but he’s still one of the best drivers in NASCAR history and I must say he is one of the most humble and thoughtful of them all!


1. Ok, I’m obsessed with this tank! Sorry husband, but I plan to snag me one of these! You can find it here for $24.99.

2. For whatever reason this super cute cardigan is no longer available but you could rock this similar one here. Or you could wear the tank without the cardigan if you’re a Floridian!

3. These booties would go perfect with the jeans from the previous outfit and #48 tank. Not to mention they’re the same color as his sponsor, Lowes. You can find them here for $89.00.


One last thing to go with both of these outfits is one of fall’s must have products… A burgundy lip!


I love this one by Gerard Cosmetics created by the amazing makeup artist, Jaclyn Hill.

*Good luck to all four drivers in The Chase! But lets be real, there’s only one I’ll be cheering for! Let’s put the pedal to the metal #31!!!*


Life Happens….

I wanted to give a quick update…..


I had planned to write four blog posts this week but due to unforeseen circumstances, I will only be writing two. Sometimes in life, you make these “big” plans and something happens. Something unexpected. Something scary.

We had a bit of a scare this week with my sweet mama’s health. As of right now, it looks like she’ll be okay with medication but she’s always been so healthy that we have never had to experience anything like it. It really put things into perspective in my life. I’m about to have her first grandchild and it never occurred to me that she might not be here to meet her. That tiny, but horrible, thought plagued me all of yesterday and all I could do was pray. I can’t imagine my life without my best friend. My rock. My mommy….

I have a fun blog post planned for tomorrow so stay tuned! I just ask that you send some prayers and good vibes Miss Millie’s way today. Thank you all so much!


It’s A Baby Shower!

“It’s a baby shower!” I always think of that line that Franck says in ‘Father of the Bride Part II’ every time I go to a baby shower! My mom, brother, sister-in-law, and best friend Lauren threw Vivian and I the most wonderfully perfect shower this past Sunday. We decided to have it a little sooner than most showers (I’m only 6 months pregnant after all) because I’ll be 7-8 months pregnant over the holidays and that’s such a hard time to try and throw a party of any kind besides a Christmas party!

They decorated my moms house in Vivian’s nursery colors of white, coral, and gold. There were tassel garlands, coral paper pom pom’s hung from the chandeliers, candle favors, white linens, my favorite punch, cupcakes covered in gold glitter, and the most PERFECT cake! Everything was beautiful. Vivian is going to be one spoiled little girl. I told my mom that I had a dream the night before that no one showed up for the shower. Well, that didn’t happen. The overwhelming love and friendship I felt that day is indescribable. Matt and I are so lucky to have wonderful people in our lives that already love our little girl as much as we do.

So, without further ado, here are some photos (taken by my brother!) from Sunday!

Isn’t this sign gorgeous?! It was made by my sweet friend Mandy of Southern Fragrances! Be sure to click that link for some great holiday gifts for your family and friends!


Not all of the food was placed out at this time but you get the idea of how gorgeous the food table was!





The gorgeous diaper cake was made by my sweet sister-in-law! I love the Sophie giraffe on top!



If ya’ll want some of the best chicken tenders you’ll ever have in your life, head over to Tenders in Cornelius! You won’t regret it!



I’m obsessed with these candles that Lauren decorated the dessert table with!



This…. Cake! I got teary-eyed when I first saw it! Lauren had it, along with the cupcakes, made in Vivian’s nursery colors. It was made by Melissa Danforth of Sweet Melissa’s (send me an email if you’d like her contact info!). The attention to detail that was made into this cake was impeccable. I honestly didn’t want to cut into it because it was so beautiful. But alas, we did. And man, it was GOOD!!!




Let’s get this party started!!



Like I said above, Vivian is going to be one spoiled little lady!



Of course she got a couple Atlanta Falcons onesies! RISE UP!!









Look how beautiful my mama is. My God, I love her so much!



This is me (obviously!) with my brother Derek and his wife Liz. They were such a big help with the shower!! Also, be sure to check out my brothers new movie ‘Big Hero 6′ out in theaters now! Yep, he works for Disney Animation! =)







Me and my best friend, my partner, my soul sister Lauren.








Lorac Pro 2 Palette Review


Can I tell you just how excited I was to finally get this palette in the mail?! Lorac Cosmetics make great quality products but sometimes it’s hard to find unless you live in a major metropolitan city. I order most of my products from Naimies Beauty Center based out in LA. I mainly do this so I can use my pro discount! ;)

The Lorac PRO 2 Palette ($42) is the sister palette to the PRO Palette. It also comes with a sample size of their Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. I love this one so much more than the original because of it’s versatility and color selection. I feel like there are more shades for every skin tone and the perfect balance of shadows for day and night time looks. There are 16 colors. 8 mattes and 8 shimmer shades. They range from white to black, and warm to cool. Every single shadow is so creamy and blend-able! I’m especially excited at how pigmented the matte shades are. It’s so hard to find matte shadows (especially lighter shades) that have the same color payoff as more shimmery shades. And this palette definitely delivers!


My favorite shades as of right now are Light Brown (makes a great transition color), Cool Gray (stunning in the crease!), Navy (a fun shade to wear on the outer corner of the lid instead of the typical black or dark brown shadows traditionally used for that area of the eye), Chrome (a beautiful gray/taupe), Silver (fun as a pop of sparkle in the middle of the lid), and Jade (love this shade of green!).

If you want a good palette for the money that you can literally use EVERY shade, get this palette! You won’t be sorry!



Makeup Monday Musing

Happy Monday! I thought I’d start sharing some of my Instagram photos from the previous weeks trial runs, weddings, or makeup for photoshoots. So enough chat, on to the photos!

These first three photos are from a wedding I helped out with three weeks ago at the Duke Mansion. The entire bridal party was so strikingly gorgeous it wasn’t even funny! I can’t wait to see the photos that my talented friend Lauren Rosenau created!



This lady had gorgeous big brown eyes and she told me do whatever my heart desired so I chose to use the same colors I wore for my wedding! MAC Cosmetics Jest shadow all over the lid, Carbon on the outer corner of the lid, Satin Taupe in the crease blended up to Soft Brown as the transition shade. These colors make for a soft smokey eye!



These next three photos are from a fun wedding I worked on 2 weeks ago at the newly renovated Trump National Golf Course in Mooresville, NC. The first photo is of the gorgeous bride, Ali. She loves a dramatic winged liner but wanted to keep the rest soft. So I used MAC Naked Lunch shadow the lid, Shroom for the brow bone, Soft Brown in the crease, and Makeup Geek Gel Liner in Immortal for the wing. I sculpted her cheek bones a bit with a soft coral blush and sculpting powder. It came out stunning!!


The maid of honor said she loved dramatic so I said “Heck yea!” I played up her ice blue eyes with my favorite MAC shadow combination of Deep Damson and Cranberry. These colors are MUST for every eye color!!




I’ve known this pretty lady for years through my husband and her soon-to-be husband. They worked together a few years back in the NASCAR circuit. I used my favorite MAC pigment, Tan all over the lid with Deep Damson in the outer corner. I wanted to play up the color of her hazel/green eyes. We sculpted her cheeks and used a soft pink/purple blush and light pink lip. She said her fiancé loved it!!



I was so excited to finally meet this next lady! Her name is Allison Kuhn and she’s an incredible photographer that I’m so excited to finally work with next year! She was getting some new head shots taken that day for her website. She said she LOVED makeup so I chose to do a very dramatic, thick liner to play up her eyes. She looked amazing!



This pretty lady is a friend of mine and the person who actually inspired me to start this new Monday blog series! She’s another talented photographer Rachel Fesko. She was having her family photo shoot done that day and asked me to do her makeup and (eekk!!) hair! Since they’d be shooting in the afternoon outside, I decided to keep it soft with neutral colors and lose curls. She loved it!!



This last lady got married yesterday at The Arbors Events in Cleveland, NC. I’m obsessed with this venue. It’s literally out in the middle of nowhere but so incredibly beautiful. She has gorgeous blue eyes and red hair so I wanted to play up her features with pinks, plums and browns. And look at that porcelain skin!! She definitely knows how to take care of it!




Baby Registry

First off, let me just say how thankful I am for my best friend Lauren. If it weren’t for her, I would be completely lost while registering for Vivian. Being a first time parent, I knew my child is going to change our lives forever but I didn’t realize how much we would need for one little baby. I told Lauren when we were given the registry “gun” at the front of the store that I needed her to just tell me everything I would need. That way I wasn’t having to stand there staring at all of the different brands trying to figure out which one was the best. I have no clue! And Lauren is one damn good mother and I trust her judgement one hundred percent!

So off we went to South Charlotte to Buy Buy Baby! Most mom’s say that it’s the best because of their wide selection, their customer service, and the array of coupons that can be used!

Baby Registry



Lauren told me when we planned to go that she needed someone to watch her daughter Chloe. I was confused by this because how could it possibly take longer than an hour to register for a few things?! Let’s just say I was wrong. We walked out of there about two and half hours later!

We started off at the front of the store and worked our way around. Buy Buy Baby is set up like Bed, Bath, and Beyond which was nice. I followed Lauren like a little lost puppy waiting for her to tell me when to scan! I learned so much that day! Who knew that babies have different bottle preferences, that babies needed to be stimulated every waking hour with color and movement (Rockaroo, Snugapuppy anyone?!), which of the dozens of brands of diaper rash ointment is best for a baby girl, which way will she like to be carried (Baby Bjorn, or K’Tan, or both?!), the many carseat choices and what is safest for your baby (we finally chose the Britax B-Safe), and the one thing that is going to be the death of me……. Which stroller should we get?!



I don’t know why I feel a bit embarrassed admitting this but it’s my blog, and I feel obligated to be honest. I’ve been obsessed with the Bugaboo Cameleon since working at Neiman Marcus almost 10 years ago before having children was even a thought in my mind. I remember seeing it at the store everyday and just loving the ease and comfort of the stroller. Babies love to stretch out in the bassinet! It’s perfect for Miss Shorty over here and the perfect weight to push around and load in and out of the car. But will it be practical for our lifestyle?! That particular stroller is a pretty hefty investment and so I want to make sure it will get the most use we possibly can out of it.

On the other hand, will it be easier to get a travel system like the Bob Motion Travel System (pictured above) so I won’t have to take her in out of her car seat. And then get another stroller for when she gets a little older like the Bumbleride Indie Stroller (also pictured above)?! This decision is all that I think about these days! I know at the end of the day I have to think about what is best for our lifestyle…..

Stay tuned for my ULTIMATE decision! Ha!

baby registry

Yes, I could see this in Vivi’s room. But not in this color!


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