The Importance Of A Makeup Artist

Makeup is my passion. It’s my escape, my joy, it’s what I live for. To be a part of the most important day in a brides life is absolutely priceless. With that said, I don’t think a lot of brides realize how crucial it is to have a professional makeup artist for their wedding day. I put “professional” in bold because unfortunately there are way too many people out there who claim to be artists but in reality, are just your regular Joe Shmoe who carries around their own personal makeup and brushes thinking this is something that would be fun to do for an extra buck! Sorry folks, it’s very much true. Most brides would rather spend money on getting a very intricate up-do for their hair. If I recall, most photos are taken of the bride and grooms front side and not the back?! Not that hair is any less important, but I believe women tend to forget that this is most photographed day of their lives.

Let me ask you this question…. If you go into your salon and get your hair done and don’t have any makeup on yet, don’t you find that you can’t quite capture how great your hair looks until you have your makeup on? And say you put your makeup on right out of the shower and have not yet dried your hair but you still feel pretty even though your hair looks like a wet mop?! Get my point???

It takes a creative eye to see the beauty and potential in a canvas. My canvas is a face. Professional artists are trained to apply flawless, stunning makeup that can last through the ceremony and reception or posing and wardrobe changes. We also understand the many factors that can affect your look. For example, everyday makeup is entirely different from makeup that looks best for photography and film, and a skilled artist knows how to take into account the lighting and location of where the photos will be taken.

It’s frustrating that there are those so-called “artists” out there because it makes us REAL artists with REAL businesses seem overpriced and less qualified. I’m listing below things to look out for when searching for a makeup artist in your area:

1. Training – Look for artists that have had real training with reputable schools/makeup companies. You can even ask to see proof! If the artist really did attend “said” school or classes, they will gladly show you any documentation you ask for.

2. Pricing – Are their prices too good to be true?! Yes, they are!!! It’s like any business, you get what you pay for! If they’re great at what they do, it reflects in cost. If an artist is only charging you around $50 for the day of your wedding, she or he is probably using their own stash of makeup. Any girl knows that makeup is expensive! Especially professional makeup. We take into account the cost for us to replenish our products as well as time and travel.

3. Pictures!!! – Make sure their site has examples of their work! Look to see how “flawless” the makeup looks, is the shadow blended, is the eyeliner perfectly straight (yes, it IS possible!), do the cheeks look like they’ve just been pinched instead of a streaky line of blush, are the cheekbones highlighted and glowing?

4. Kit – ALWAYS look at their makeup before they put it on your skin! Make sure everything is stored in closed containers (for sanitary reasons obviously!). Make sure everything is sanitized in front of you! And look to see which brands they use. Drug store brands and companies like Mary Kay and Motives are not what a reputable artist would use. I’m not saying they aren’t good, but someone who uses these market pyramid brands are probably wanting to get extra cash in their pocket from sales. Any selling that should be done is the artist selling themselves! Not their makeup. Look for brands like MAC, Nars, Smashbox, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Benefit.

5. Referrals – If the artist was recommended to you by a friend or has a ton of great reviews online, they’re more than likely the way to go!

6. Finally…. CONTRACT! – This means they value your time and money spent… PERIOD!!!

Until next time….

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Romantic and Elegant Lavender Wedding

Yesterday a wedding I was so lucky to be a part of back in May was featured on the wedding blog The Every Last Detail. Mindy and I hit it off right from the moment we met at her trial! I loved her dry sense of humor and northern accent. And we bonded over our shared love for our pups! Mindy and her now husband Brett got married at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. I traveled up to Asheville that PERFECT spring morning and was greeted with the most beautiful blue sky and stunning mountains and landscape.

Peaches and Glitter

I was nervous about this wedding because I (gasp!!) did her hair too! I was only doing simple curls but since I have never done hair for a wedding before, it was a ton of pressure. But I did it! I mean let’s be honest, how do you really mess up using a curling iron?! Anyways, Mindy wanted to go for a smokey, sexy look with her makeup so I had a lot of fun using a dark navy blue and black to play up her pretty brown eyes. And it also went well with her lavender wedding!

Peaches & Glitter

Her ceremony and reception was absolutely stunning thanks to Miss Ashley Cash with The Graceful Host and amazing photography by the talented Rachel Fesko. I’m so lucky to call these gals my pals! Here are a few photos from Mindy and Brett’s big day. Don’t forget to check out the feature on The Every Last Detail

Romantic-Elegant-Lavender-Wedding_0004 Romantic-Elegant-Lavender-Wedding_0013 Romantic-Elegant-Lavender-Wedding_0028 Romantic-Elegant-Lavender-Wedding_0034 Romantic-Elegant-Lavender-Wedding_0037


#WCW Woman Crush Wednesday; Mama & Daughter Edition

Ever since I can remember my mom has always called me the term of endearment ‘Baby Doll”. Still. To. This. Day. I love it because I never really feel like an adult with my mom. I know that sounds bizarre but it’s true. I call Miss Millie (Her actual name!) my soulmate because a lot of the time I feel like she knows me better than I know myself. I can count on her for anything. I’m one damn lucky girl.

Richard Israel Photography

Before I got pregnant I knew I HAD to have a girl first because I didn’t want the stress of having a boy and then praying that the second would be my little girl. #SingleGirlProblems. When I found out that Friday the 13th I was pregnant, that whole mindset flew right out the window. All I wanted was a healthy, happy baby. I even embraced the possibility of having a little boy so much that I thought that’s what we were expecting before we found out. I had pinned MANY boy nursery themes and clothes to my Pinterest wall. Oh how excited I was to have my ‘Up’ themed nursery (my favorite Disney movie. Frozen is second of course. Don’t worry Derek!)!! And I saved so many boy items to my Etsy account. I was ready to find out we were having our little man. But then my world got rocked……

“You’re having a little baby girl!!” Say WHAT?! Matt leaned over and kissed me and then came the waterworks! Did this mean what I thought it meant?! Was I getting the girl I always dreamt of…. FIRST?! I don’t know why but I was super nervous after the technician announced we were having a girl because I knew Matt wanted a boy so badly. Matt is a “Guy’s Guy” if that makes sense. He’s in racing and loves to watch football (Patriots anyone?!), play golf, smoke cigars (*cough cough), and work on cars. I know this is a funny comparison but I watch Matt with our dog Lucy and he’s so different with her than he is with our other dog Dave. He snuggles and holds Lucy. He even gets jealous when she comes to me and not him. He is more rough with Dave. He plays fetch but also allows Dave to lay on his lap when Dave feels like it. My point, I can picture Matt with our first born being a girl rather than a boy. It all became clear later that afternoon. Everything fell into place perfectly.

I’m so excited to see what the future holds for Vivian and I. I like to think that we’ll be as close as my mom and I are. I’m looking forward to the times she’ll need to confide in me when she faces all of life’s many challenges like I do with my mama. I’m looking forward to the many moments of cuddle time like I still have with my mama. I’m looking forward to her holding my hand as we walk through the mall shopping for new clothes like I still do with my mama. I’m looking forward to seeing if I’ll be a dance and theatre mom like my mama was. I’m looking forward to protecting Vivian from anything I possibly can like my mama has for me. And most of all, I’m looking forward to having my own ‘baby doll’ like I am to my mama. This one is for you, mommy!


Beauty On A Budget

I’m not usually a huge fan of drug store cosmetics. Not because I think I’m “better” than the product but because I know all of the ingredients added to these products aren’t the greatest to put onto your skin. With that said, I realize that makeup can be a big investment. Any foundation, concealer, or powder product I would HIGHLY recommend investing in. A lot of drug store brands have pore-clogging ingredients such as talc and mineral oil in their skin products. But you can find some great shadows, lip and blush colors, eyeliners, and mascaras on a beauty budget! These are my favorite!


1. Makeup Geek Eyeshadows $5.99 – These shadows are JUST AS GOOD as MAC, Nars, Makeup Forever, etc. They’re talc and paraben-free. All of the shadows are super pigmented, soft and creamy. They also have an amazing transition color called Beaches & Cream!

Makeup Geek Shadow - P&G

2. Maybelline Volum’Express The Rocket Mascara $7.49 – This mascara is SUPER black!! It gives amazing volume and drama to your limp lashes. My only thing I would suggest with this is to use a disposable mascara wand to help separate any lashes that have clumped together. The wand is huge!

Maybelline - P&G

3. Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Liner $7.99 – I’ve been using the MAC Penultimate liner for a few years now. I find that the pen allows for a smooth wing at the corner of my eyes. I recently tried this pen and fell in love! The color payoff is actually very impressive. You only need to make one smooth pass! And that’s hard to do with most liners!

Maybelline - P&G

4. CoverGirl Long Last All Day Lip Color - You can find my review on this product here.


5. Nyx Powder Blush $5.00 – These blushes are so soft! No matter what size brush you use, you’ll get a smooth application with all of these colors! My favorites are Pink Flamingo and Coral Dream .

Nyx - P&G


Link Loving Thursday

Link Loving Thursday

I love surfing the web just as much as the next person! I mean, who doesn’t?! I thought I’d start sharing a few of my favorite links each week!

1. Etsy – Princess Bella’s Boutique – More than anything I can’t WAIT to dress Vivian up in an array of different headbands and leg warmers and this shop has so many cute choices it’s ridiculous! I mean how adorable is this little ruffled diaper cover, leg warmer, and headband set?! And these football leg warmers with the red and black ruffles for my little Falcons fan! I just can’t take it!

2. Makeup Geek – I love me some Makeup Geek! The owner Marlena does great tutorials (Like this fun one using the new Vegas Lights palette that I did a review on here) as well as having an amazing line of eyeshadows, liners, blushes, brushes, and much more! Besides MAC, Makeup Geek shadows are my favorite. They’re incredibly pigmented and only…. Wait for it….. $5!!!!!

3. APPLE – Hi, my name is Casey. I’m addicted to Apple products. You won’t EVER, for the rest of my living days, find me without an Apple computer, phone, tablet, or music player. I’ve been following Apple this week as they announced the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus coming out. I’m not due for another upgrade for another year so I won’t be getting the new phone (which I will stick with the smaller version because WHY do you need a phone so big?!) but I’ll be admiring it from afar and enjoying the new iOS 8 software! And how do you not love the new commercials with Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon?!

4. Pottery Barn Kids – I visit this site everyday thinking of new inspiration for little Vivian’s nursery! I know that I want to purchase this Harper Crib in white as the main focal point for the room. I know that I want the colors to be white, gold, and light coral. Other than that, I’m still trying to decide what type of accessories I’ll want to add. But the thing I love about this crib is it’s mid-century modern style and I won’t have to purchase a dust ruffle for it so I can show off it’s simple legs.

5. NFL – It’s my favorite time of the year….. Football season!!! I love football. I even watch the NFL channel paying special attention to the analysis’ and latest news… By myself. Without my husband! I never went to a university so I’ve never been able to truly love a college football team. Although, I do always cheer for UGA and Georgia Tech (ironic, I know!) as they are my parents alma mater. Yes, I know I live in the great city of Charlotte and would never want to move away from it but I’m OBSESSED with my Atlanta Falcons!! I love everything about that team! The players, the organization, the coaches, everything! Not even a Panthers fan can say anything bad about their organization. Especially after watching this season of Hard Knocks. And guess what?! They won against their rivals The Saints (I mean Ain’ts!) this past Sunday!! It’s going to be a good year, y’all!!

13 Weeks - P&G


Covergirl Long Last All-Day Lip Color

This post is dedicated to all the mama’s out there that love nothing more than to kiss their babies and kiddo’s all day long! Thank you to my amazing friend and talented makeup artist Lauren Nichols for introducing this long last lip color to my life!

Now onto the review! I was at work last week talking with Lauren. She told me that when Vivi Lou (Lauren’s nickname for Vivian) arrives I will want to kiss her all the time (Yep, I will!!) but still want to wear color on my lips. The bad thing about kissing your sweet baby all the time (while they’re little and love it!) is that your lipstick or lipgloss immediately transfers over to their faces. Not to mention the mess it creates around your mouth. So much for wasting that tube of expensive lip color by simply kissing your child and then having to mess up a wet washcloth by scrubbing their faces. My hesitation with trying long-wearing lip colors is the drying effect. Most of them literally suck up every last ounce of moisture in your lips. And “said” lip colors will come along with a tube of clear gloss and if you’re like me, you hate that sticky feeling. Lauren then told me about a life-changing product….. CoverGirl Long Last All-Day Lip Color.

CoverGirl - Peaches & Glitter

Lauren told me that it didn’t dry her lips at all and lasted literally…. All day. So I ran out to our local Rite Aid and purchased 2 colors; Cherry Cordial 575 (A light coral pink), and Nude Flush 535 (a light nude pink). The colors come in a lipgloss-like tube with a separate moisturizing top coat that isn’t a a clear gloss but more like a decent Chapstick! Score!!

I have to admit that I had to perfect my application a few times before I got it to how it was meant to be worn. But once I had everything squared away, they really are the best long-wearing lip colors that I’ve ever tried. My first mistake was applying the top coat on too soon after applying the color. This caused the color to come off and flake up a bit because I didn’t allow it to dry properly. It’s best to allow the color to dry a full minute or two before applying the top coat. I’ve also enjoyed wearing MAC’s Lustreglass (not sticky at all) over it for a little extra something. Although I will not be doing this when Vivian arrives in February!

The best thing I can say about these colors is that they don’t come off…. On anything! I even ate meals and it was still just as vibrant as ever! I’m normally not a drugstore makeup kind of gal but you can’t beat these colors (43 shades for only $8.49 each!) and longevity! Thanks Lauren!!!


16 Weeks – Pregnancy Survey

*Sorry for the iPhone selfie. You have to improvise when your husband travels for a living.

Peaches & Glitter

Week: 16 weeks!!

Total weight gain: I’m so scared to know! Since my bump is starting to take more of a “bump shape”, I’m embracing the weight just a tad bit but it’s still so shocking.

Maternity Clothes: As an early birthday present, my sweet mama took me shopping at Destination Maternity! Let me just say, maternity jeans are the greatest things ever invented!

Stretch Marks: I bought MORE lovely stretch mark potions while at Destination Maternity! I spoke with the salesperson and she told me about Basq Skincare Line. I bought 3 for the price of ONE! I slather one of them on morning and night and they smell so delicious!! I’ll be reviewing them next week!

Basq - Peaches & Glitter

Sleep: The lack of a restful nights sleep is really starting to weigh on me. I’m hoping to be getting the Snoogle in the mail any day now. Apparently my husband bought it for me for my birthday (that was TUESDAY!). I’m hoping this will help my back because sleeping on my stomach is slowly dwindling down. =( Oh! And I also can’t forget the MANY trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night! I’m averaging about 5x a night! Are there other mama’s out there that pee this much?!

Miss Anything? The ability to control my bladder!

Movement: I felt 4 very distinct “kicks” or something just yesterday. It was low enough in my belly to be Vivi but since I’m a first time mom I’m still not sure if it was her or not.

Food Cravings: My parents and Matt took me out for my birthday Tuesday evening to 131 Main. ALL DAY I was craving their Key Lime Pie!! And man, was it good!!

Gender: BABY GIRL!!!!!!!

Labor Signs: Next question please…

Symptoms: Just hungry…. All….. The…. Time!!!

Mood/Hormonal “Episodes”: Surprisingly no!

Looking Forward To: Spending time with friends Saturday night for my BFF and business partners birthday! Sober of course!! =)

*Vivi received her first onesie from her auntie Katie on my birthday! I can already see it on her!

Peaches & Glitter


Featured; Ruffled Blog

I was lucky enough to get asked by my woman crush, Megan Gielow of Lime Green Photography and the amazingly talented Kathryn Godwin if I would help out with a DIY photo shoot for Ruffled Blog. Ruffled Blog is an amazing wedding resource blog for brides wanting to get inspiration for their big day. Kathryn does a lot of DIY projects and she made a GORGEOUS clay pod backdrop that was to be showcased on the blog.

Ruffled Blog feature - P&G

Maiden Flower Crowns provided the beautiful flower crown for the model to wear!

Ruffled - photo by - - photo by - - photo by -

Be sure to check out the full feature on Ruffled to learn how to make your own beautiful backdrop!


Makeup Geek – Vegas Lights Review

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m going to be doing a short review of the AMAZING Makeup Geek eyeshadow palette, Vegas Lights ($37.99). I became obsessed with Makeup Geek earlier this year when I saw numerous YouTube videos of the owner, Marlena using her products in tutorials. The pigment to her shadows, pigments, blushes, and liners are the most similar to MAC that I’ve come across. And did I mention that each individual shadow is only $5.99??!! They’re talc and paraben-free as well as cruelty-free!  Now let’s check it out!

Vegas Lights Review - P&G

The Vegas Lights palette has 6 warm shades that are perfect for the end of summer and fall/winter seasons. The shadows can easily be de-potted to fit into your favorite empty palette. But the packaging is so light and portable that I’ll be keeping it in it’s original packaging.

Vegas Lights Review - P&G

Casino – Casino is a shimmery saturated metallic gold with orange undertones. The pigment is unbeatable. And the texture is so rich and buttery it just glides on the skin so beautifully. I applied this by patting it on the lid with my ring finger.

Sin City – Sin City is a shimmery golden apricot/golden medium orange. This is the only color in the palette that didn’t have the color payoff I would have liked. The bright side is that it does have the butter texture so it applied well. I just had to layer it more than any of the other colors.

Roulette – My FAVORITE color in the palette! Roulette is a rosy, burnt shimmery sienna. It reminds me a lot of MAC’s Cranberry….. But better!! The pigment is a lot better and it applies so well! Although it’s a shimmer, it works great as a crease color as well as on the lid!

Mirage – Mirage is a pale matte/satin beige with yellow undertones and a silky finish. It makes a beautiful brow highlight color as well as a subtle inner corner highlight.

Desert Sand – Desert Sand is a matte, medium terra-cotta. It really does look like sand. But unlike real sand, this one is so smooth and soft! Looking at it in the palette you wouldn’t think it would be pretty on the eyes but it is GORGEOUS! I used this as my transition color in the crease with Roulette also in the crease along the lid line.

Bada Bing – Bada Bing is a deep brown with flecks of gold glitter. I’ve found that shadows with traces of glitter tend to not blend as well but once again, this one doesn’t disappoint! This color makes a great outer corner lid color to add that extra dimension.

Vegas Lights swatch - P&G

*All in all, I give this palette a 9 out of 10! I took one point off since Sin City could’ve had a bit more pigment to it but otherwise the palette is fabulous and will look great on every eye color and skin tone! Be sure to check out Makeup Geek products! You won’t be sorry you did!


15 Weeks – Pregnancy Survey

What an AMAZING week this has been! We got to hear Vivian’s little heartbeat this past Friday and then yesterday we got to SEE her in all of her little glory. I will recommend this to any expectant mommy’s; if you can, go get a 3D ultrasound! It was the most amazing experience. We went to Lake Norman 3D Imaging in Cornelius. Roxanne was a SWEETHEART! As a nurse, she told us as soon as we came in that if she saw anything wrong she would immediately step out of the room and call my Obgyn. Thank God that she never had to leave the room! I thought we would be in and out in at the most 30 minutes but we got to spend an entire hour peaking inside at our little girl. Roxanne had the ultrasound on my belly for about 10 minutes before she was “100% confident” what her gender was. She asked if Matt and I were ready and we said YES!! She congratulated us and told us we were having a daughter! I still can’t believe it!! I honestly was convinced we were having a son. Why did I think that? Well, I had some pretty awful morning sickness but not nearly as bad as I’ve seen some mama’s with girls. My skin is for the most part stable. I have the occasional breakout but not like the old wives tale says of mom’s expecting girls…… We have a precious baby girl waiting to come into this world. How did I get so lucky?!

It’s just been such a surreal week and I’m thankful for every single second of it! Let the decorating, clothes, bows, headbands, tutu’s, dresses, sparkle, leggings, hats buying BEGIN!!!!

Pregnancy Survey – Week 15

15 weeks - Peaches & Glitter

Week: 15 weeks!!

Total weight gain: I’m so embarrassed to say that I’ve gained 15 pounds already!!! I already know that I’ll probably be a 50 pounder when baby girl gets here. *sigh*

Maternity Clothes: Going shopping tomorrow!!!

Stretch Marks: I’m hoping with gaining about a pound a week that the stretch marks don’t come since my doctor said that I’m gaining at a steady pace. But I know that’s just wishful thinking and I’ll get some. I hope Matt likes a tummy that looks like a road map!

Sleep: I’ve been anxiously waiting for our ultrasound that it’s affected my sleep a bit. But now I know that Vivi looks healthy as can be I hope to start sleeping through the night again.

Miss Anything? I’ve had a major craving for a turkey sub and I don’t like them heated up so I’ve missed being able to just drive up to Subway and ordering a nice cold turkey sub!!

Movement: After watching Vivi on the ultrasound and how much she was moving and not feeling it, I’ve realized that those little flutters I’ve been feeling is more than likely gas! Sexy, huh?!

Food Cravings: Turkey subs!!

Gender: BABY GIRL!!!!!!!

Labor Signs: Next question please…

Symptoms: Just your typical hunger every 2 hours and not the best sleep.

Mood/Hormonal “Episodes”: I just cry at the drop of a hat watching any animal or baby video on Facebook now. I did cry and laugh simultaneously when Roxanne announced we’re expecting a girl. =)

Looking Forward To: Our anatomy scan in 3 weeks so we can see our precious baby girl again.


*One last thing I wanted to share was this profile picture of Vivian. We had been poking and moving her all around trying to get her to turn her head away from my placenta for about 45 minutes so we could see her beautiful face and she just wasn’t having it. So what does she do?! She flips us off!!! Like a true Lombardi!!!

Vivian - Peaches & Glitter


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