Peaches & Glitter 'About'


Hi, I’m Casey Nelson Lombardi. Welcome to Peaches & Glitter! I’m a makeup artist by trade but a dreamer by default. I’m passionate about so many things; makeup, skincare, beauty, and sharing that passion with others. Peaches & Glitter was born as my outlet to share with women (and hey, men too if they’re into it!) my passion for what I do and love. You’ll find makeup and beauty tips, tricks, reviews, and so much more!

I’d love to work with you on your special day, photo shoot, or even just a regimen spruce up! You can contact me at casey@peachesandglitter.com. I look forward to meeting you! ♥

Why the name Peaches & Glitter, you ask?!

Where I am originally from, the great state of Georgia, you often hear women referred to as a “Georgia peach“. A term of endearment; sweet, beautiful. And glitter? Well, who doesn’t love glitter?!

In a Few Words

*wife *mama to my four-legged kiddo’s Dave, and Lucy *animal rights activist *Atlanta Falcons fanatic *movie geek *lazy winter Sunday’s watching NFL *Starbucks *dry humor *lash extensions *questions and answers *decorating *music and concerts *family time *Coke Zero *traveling (I wish I did more!) *US history *learning *being inspired


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