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BHLDN Senior Tea Party Shoot

Instead of sharing another prom inspiration look, I thought I would share something even better! A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a part of a BHLDN shoot with the amazingly talented Melissa Lynn Hunt Photography. Melissa works a lot with high school seniors so she used about 9 different senior girls as models for this shoot. The theme was a fancy tea party. Unfortunately the day of the shoot it was pouring down rain outside so we had to improvise inside the gorgeous Separk Mansion in Gastonia, NC. It came out beautifully!

BHLDN primarily designs dresses for weddings. But any of these dresses these beautiful girls are wearing could easily be worn to prom! And they would be the belle of the ball, in my opinion!! I had so much fun doing natural, bronzed makeup and hair (gasp!) on a couple of these ladies! I hope these looks inspires some of you high school ladies out there for prom looks. If not for this year, then maybe next year!

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I’ll be back later this week with another amazing senior shoot with Melissa! You won’t want to miss it!!



Where Has The Time Gone?!


I feel like a horrible person. I thought that I would for sure have plenty of time to blog since I stay at home with Vivian during the week. Boy, was I WRONG! It’s truly amazing how much time and attention infants need! Not to mention I went back to work when she was 7 weeks old. It’s definitely been a big struggle to get into a groove on the weekend getting Vivian ready early in the morning, dropping her off at Nana and Papa’s, picking her back up, and getting everything ready to do it all over again the next day. Peaches & Glitter blog is my ‘safe place’ so I like to be honest. It’s been very hard for me. With my husbands schedule, I’m basically like a single mom. So working on top of that has pushed me over the anxiety edge a few times. I give MAD props to single, full-time working mothers! I know this is just a phase and it’ll all work out.

For almost 2 weeks now I’ve started my workouts and new diet. I’m not following a specific diet, just eating healthy. I’m not the type of person who can stick to a strict diet. That’s when I cheat and give up. And giving up is not an option because I have about 20lbs to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy size and then ANOTHER 10lbs to get to where I feel best about myself. I invested in ‘Insanity Max 30’ DVD’s and have absolutely loved it!! Last week I lost 3 pounds! So it’s definitely working! It was hard when Vivian was about 5 weeks, I all of sudden had this horrible pain in my right hip. It got to the point where I could barely walk. I went to the chiropractor and found out that as my pelvis was shrinking back down after pregnancy it shrunk back crooked so one leg was higher than the other and I developed sciatica. I can’t tell you how painful it was. Carrying around Vivian definitely didn’t help it heal but after 3 long weeks of many chiropractor visits and massages (a major bonus!), I’m finally back to normal with very little pain.

Since babies change and grow so fast, I can only promise to blog maybe once or twice a week. I miss it so much! But like I said, its crazy how much time and attention babies need. And honestly, I don’t want to miss a milestone for anything! I love being this little girls mommy. From things I read and talking to other moms, she’s a dream baby! She’s so calm (most of the time!) and content. For my first post back in over a month I thought that I would share a short survey on Vivian! She turned 2 months old on April 17th. I can’t believe it’s been now 9 weeks already! I hope you enjoy learning a little bit about my pride and joy and some candid photos from the past 8 weeks! I’ll be back next week with a fun prom inspired blog post since it’s prom season!!!

How old: 9 weeks

Weight: 10 pounds 13 ounces. She’s in the 50th percentile for weight.

Height: She is now 23 1/2 inches long which is the 75th percentile. This surprised me because her mommy and daddy are SHORT!


Milestones: Smiling, cooing, discovering her hands and feet, reaching for toys, grabbing toys (this has only happened a handful of times), holding her head up during tummy time, and my favorite, sleeping through the night!!! When I was pregnant I read the book ‘On How To Become Babywise’ and have been following it since I brought her home from the hospital. I recommend it to anyone and everyone! If any new mommies have any questions or need advice, I happy to help! Sleep is VERY important to me! Hehe.



Eating: As you all know from this post I have suffered from clinical depression since I was young. I thought since I was okay during my pregnancy that I would be okay once we brought Vivian home. But postpartum hit me HARD. As much as I wanted to breastfeed, I knew my mental frame of mind was more important so I could take care of my daughter and be there 110%. So I went back on my medication and stopped breastfeeding when she was 2 weeks old. I’ve had her on Baby’s Only Organic formula ever since. Little miss Vivian is a spitter-upper! I have to always have a bib on her! Her doctor said it’s completely normal and that she should grow out of it around 6 months. I thought maybe it was the formula but no, she just spits up! I never thought I’d do so much laundry in my life!!

Sleeping: We put her down for bed at 7:30pm, wake her for a “dream feed” at 10:30pm, and she sleeps until we wake her in the morning at 7:30am! I worked long and hard to get her on a good schedule and get her sleeping through the night. A dream feed is a feeding where you basically feed them while they’re asleep. I tried not waking her too much but she never took a full bottle. So I finally started waking her enough to where she would get in a full feeding. I know she’ll have the ability to sleep 12 hours by 12 weeks old so what I’ve been doing is pushing her dream feed time up 10 minutes at a time every couple of days. That feeding is now at 10:10pm and she’s still sleeping until 7:30am! Once I get to about 8:30-9pm, and she’s sleeping until morning then I’ll drop it. My sweet girl has no clue the blessing she has given me for her ability to sleep well! Now naps on the other hand need a little bit of work! They were great when she was a few weeks old but around 7-8 weeks, she hasn’t napped well at all! Next week we’ll start getting into a better nap routine!

Favorite moment: Everyday there is a new favorite moment! I love my bedtime routine with her. We take her upstairs, keep the lights low, we give her a bath (she LOVES bath time!), give her a lotion massage, dress her in her pj’s, feed her in the comfy glider and read her a book. I swaddle her and say a prayer with her and shower her with kisses before putting her in her crib. It’s become my favorite time of the day.






Worst moment: This past Tuesday she had her 2 month checkup and had her first shots. She was a champ and just cried during the shots but fell right to sleep. But when we got home, she had a bit of a fever and wasn’t feeling well so needed mommy and daddy cuddles all day along with some baby Tylenol. Thank God the next day she was feeling much better!

Looking forward to: Everyday with her! It will be nice when she stops spitting up so much so she won’t have to wear a bib all day!

Newly found wisdom? The love I have for this tiny little girl is unreal…. <3




Historic Langtree Plantation Wedding

Last month I had the privilege to work on an amazingly gorgeous styled shoot photographed by the talent Erin Kranz Photography. It was a rainy, overcast day but that didn’t stop the pro’s! When I pulled up and saw the beautiful florals, the accessories, the dresses, I knew exactly the look I wanted to do on the model. The colors were vibrant cranberry, green, white, silver, with a mix of rustic woods. The model had beautiful blue eyes so I wanted to keep them very simple (I didn’t even use lashes, ya’ll!) with a light pink matte shadow on the lid, soft brown in the crease, no eyeliner, and light sweep of mascara. I wanted to use the cranberry color in her makeup so I used MAC Cosmetics ‘New York Apple’ lipstick for her lips. With a bit of contouring and light plum blush, she was ready to go!

The photo’s came out so beautiful! It makes me want to get married all over again just so I can have a wedding just like it!

Thank you to all of the vendors involved! It was truly a spectacular shoot!!

Styling & coordination: A Simple Affair Events
Venue: Historic Langtree Plantation
Florist: Willow Branch Flowers & Design
Headpiece & accessories: Aubre’s Bridal
Hair: Darnell Designs
Makeup: Peaches & Glitter
Dresses: Penlorée Atelier
Cake: Sky’s the Limit! Custom Cakes & More
Stationary: Smitten on Paper
Groom’s attire: Taylor Richards & Conger
















Peninsula Yacht Club Wedding

I’m so sorry I’ve been M.I.A. this week! Since it’s been harder to sleep through the night, it’s made me feel gross during the day. But I found my saving grace…. My Snoogle!! Best. Thing. Ever! I finally had a full nights sleep last night so I’m back to my old self!

On to the post…. I’ve worked with Erin Kranz many times through the past couple of years and I absolutely adore her! She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever come across. She truly cares about her clients and capturing their day just as they envisioned. I got to work with Erin again last month on one of the most gorgeous brides I’ve ever worked with. Stephanie was a dream to work with! I loved getting to know her. Not to mention playing up her amazing features! Those big brown eyes, super long lashes, and beautiful skin! I had such a great time getting ready with all of these BEAUTIFUL ladies! I know her day turned out exactly as she dreamed! Thank you to Teri-Lyn Hiroshige for helping me with makeup!



















Ceremony: St. Mark Catholic Church
Reception: Peninsula Yacht Club
Dress/designer: J. Major’s/Agusta Jones
Bridesmaid dresses: Savvi/ Dezzy After 6
Rings: Diamond’s Direct
Shoes: Nordstrom
Accessories: J. Major’s – veil, belt
Hair: Audrey Sprinkle
Tux: Men’s Wearhouse
Ceremony music: Donna M. Nestor, Jennifer Frisina, & Christina Sienkiewicz
Caterer: Peninsula Yacht Club
Cake: Cake Expressions by Lisa
Flowers: Flowers of Charlotte
DJ: Audio to Go
Videographer: Shoeless Works
Rentals/linens: Peninsula Yacht Club
Transportation: Royal Limousines
Stationary: Amore Papers


Asheville Wedding

It was a rainy, gloomy morning back in May in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. But as the day went on, the skies cleared and a gorgeous couple had their perfect Asheville wedding.

Ashley was a dream bride to work with! She is so naturally beautiful that she really didn’t need that much makeup. But she wanted to play up her features so we did a soft golden brown smokey eye to play up her baby blues. I also softly contoured her chiseled cheekbones which was a lot of fun!

Enjoy these images from the insanely talented husband and wife duo of Blue Bend Photography






This first look picture is PRICELESS!!!!










Pinterest… Good or Bad For a Bride?

Rachel Fesko Photography

The other day I read a very interesting article by a photographer by the name of Aimee Grover. The article was called ‘A Photographers Perspective on Pinterest’. I found it to be very informative for both photographers and couples. As a bride who has already had her engagement shoot done, I could see how recreating a photo you saw on Pinterest can seem a little forced and also a little degrading to the photographer. The article asked a very good question; Are you hiring your photographer for their talent or because you think they can capture that same photo you love on Pinterest?

For mine and Matt’s engagement shoot, I told our photographer that I tend to get a little uncomfortable in front of the camera and I didn’t want to pretend like Matt and I were models. He asked what we like to do and I told him that Matt cooks a lot and I watch! I have an entire Pinterest Board for engagement shoot ideas. Did I show any of them to our photographer? Nope! Once he arrived at our home, he went right into photography art mode! He watched us, gave us ideas, and told us what to do! What I thought was going to be a shoot in our home, he asked if there was a fun spot outside near our house and we told him about our neighborhood’s wooden bridge. He asked if we were down and we said “Sure!” He told us to just love on each other, sit here, kiss there, look at the camera, and once we received our photos back I cried! They were Matt and I! He caught us being ourselves. It was our photographer using his own creativity to capture us being real and in love.

Back to the article… I thought this also retains to makeup! Granted, makeup artists usually tell brides to bring inspiration pictures to the trial run. But one has to remember that they aren’t the women in the photo’s. We can definitely recreate a look, but it will always look different on someone else because, well, everyone doesn’t look the same! We’ll do a look from a picture and the bride might think it’s too much or not like it so much on them. My advice, know what colors you like, know that warm colors bring out blue eyes, fuller lips look better with a darker or red lipstick/gloss, and KNOW that your makeup artist is creative! I look at peoples faces like blank canvas’s. I love going into a trial run and the bride says, “I trust you!” My mind starts running and seeing all different looks and then the perfect look pops into my head and I just go with it!



The Importance Of A Makeup Artist

Makeup is my passion. It’s my escape, my joy, it’s what I live for. To be a part of the most important day in a brides life is absolutely priceless. With that said, I don’t think a lot of brides realize how crucial it is to have a professional makeup artist for their wedding day. I put “professional” in bold because unfortunately there are way too many people out there who claim to be artists but in reality, are just your regular Joe Shmoe who carries around their own personal makeup and brushes thinking this is something that would be fun to do for an extra buck! Sorry folks, it’s very much true. Most brides would rather spend money on getting a very intricate up-do for their hair. If I recall, most photos are taken of the bride and grooms front side and not the back?! Not that hair is any less important, but I believe women tend to forget that this is the most photographed day of their lives.

Let me ask you this question…. If you go into your salon and get your hair done and don’t have any makeup on yet, don’t you find that you can’t quite capture how great your hair looks until you have your makeup on? And say you put your makeup on right out of the shower and have not yet dried your hair but you still feel pretty even though your hair looks like a wet mop?! Get my point???

It takes a creative eye to see the beauty and potential in a canvas. My canvas is a face. Professional artists are trained to apply flawless, stunning makeup that can last through the ceremony and reception or posing and wardrobe changes. We also understand the many factors that can affect your look. For example, everyday makeup is entirely different from makeup that looks best for photography and film, and a skilled artist knows how to take into account the lighting and location of where the photos will be taken.

It’s frustrating that there are those so-called “artists” out there because it makes us REAL artists with REAL businesses seem overpriced and less qualified. I’m listing below things to look out for when searching for a makeup artist in your area:

1. Training – Look for artists that have had real training with reputable schools/makeup companies. You can even ask to see proof! If the artist really did attend “said” school or classes, they will gladly show you any documentation you ask for.

2. Pricing – Are their prices too good to be true?! Yes, they are!!! It’s like any business, you get what you pay for! If they’re great at what they do, it reflects in cost. If an artist is only charging you around $50 for the day of your wedding, she or he is probably using their own stash of makeup. Any girl knows that makeup is expensive! Especially professional makeup. We take into account the cost for us to replenish our products as well as time and travel.

3. Pictures!!! – Make sure their site has examples of their work! Look to see how “flawless” the makeup looks, is the shadow blended, is the eyeliner perfectly straight (yes, it IS possible!), do the cheeks look like they’ve just been pinched instead of a streaky line of blush, are the cheekbones highlighted and glowing?

4. Kit – ALWAYS look at their makeup before they put it on your skin! Make sure everything is stored in closed containers (for sanitary reasons obviously!). Make sure everything is sanitized in front of you! And look to see which brands they use. Drug store brands and companies like Mary Kay and Motives are not what a reputable artist would use. I’m not saying they aren’t good, but someone who uses these market pyramid brands are probably wanting to get extra cash in their pocket from sales. Any selling that should be done is the artist selling themselves! Not their makeup. Look for brands like MAC, Nars, Smashbox, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Benefit.

5. Referrals – If the artist was recommended to you by a friend or has a ton of great reviews online, they’re more than likely the way to go!

6. Finally…. CONTRACT! – This means they value your time and money spent… PERIOD!!!

Until next time….

portfolio 1


portfolio 2

portfolio 3

portfolio 4

portfolio 5





Berry-Hued Botanical Wedding Inspiration – Green Wedding Shoes

When Megan Gielow calls you up to help out with an inspiration shoot, you say “YES”!! You might remember Megan as the amazingly talented photographer Matt and I were lucky enough to work with on our honeymoon (blog post here). I just absolutely adore everything about her. I told her after I received our honeymoon photos that I was indebted to her for life and I truly meant it.

Earlier this summer she asked if I would like to do makeup for an inspiration shoot she was doing down in Greenville, South Carolina. I told her I would love to. Especially after seeing the inspiration board she sent me! It was all earthy, berry-hued florals and jewelry with some dark colors mixed in. I couldn’t wait to do makeup on the model! I knew I didn’t want to do anything that would take away from the beautiful floral headpiece and jewelry she’d be wearing but I also wanted to do something that would bring out her blueish/green eyes. I decided to do a smokey eye but with the same berry tone that would be used in the shoot. It all came together PERFECTLY!!

With your career you want to be proud of all of the work that you do. I have to say that this shoot took the cake for me! I’m so proud of the way Megan was able to capture the color in her eyes and the sculpted cheeks. And to top it all off, the shoot was featured yesterday on the popular wedding blog Green Wedding Shoes!!! It’s such an honor to be a part of a shoot that was so different and unique! I know so many future brides will get great inspiration from this shoot! Be sure to check out the post but here are a few images in the meantime!

berrybotany-styled-01 berrybotany-styled-02 berrybotany-styled-03 berrybotany-styled-06 berrybotany-styled-10 berrybotany-styled-12 berrybotany-styled-15 berrybotany-styled-22 berrybotany-styled-23 berrybotany-styled-29


Featured Wedding

I received an email a couple of days ago that a wedding I had the pleasure of being a part of last fall was featured on the site The Lovely Find! I was so excited to see this specific wedding featured because the bride, Sarah, is so fabulous! She’s a fellow rescuer, bubbly, dry, and not to mention GORGEOUS!! She reminded me of a young Priscilla Presley on her wedding day. Head on over to The Lovely Find to see all of the featured photos by Taken By Sarah. Can we say talented?! Here are few photos from Sarah’s big day! Have a great weekend!

Taken by Sarah Photography

Taken By Sarah

Taken By Sarah

Taken By Sarah

Taken By Sarah

Taken By Sarah


Unplugging Your Wedding

Photo by Richard Israel
Photo by Richard Israel

A few months ago I had the AMAZING privilege to write for Inspire Weddings & Marriage magazine. A local wedding vendor (along with her husband and creative team) made her dream into a reality when she published the most beautiful wedding magazine. As a bride-to-be  when the first issue was released, it was the first magazine that I could read from cover to cover. Every article was unlike any other I had read in other wedding magazines. My favorite thing about the magazine is that it goes into issues after the big wedding day. One of my favorite articles is about financial planning and budgeting as newly weds.

Stephanie (editor!) gave me a few different topics I could write about and one that popped up was “unplugged” weddings. I thought, Yes! I can write about that! I had decided that I wanted to have an unplugged ceremony because we already hired the crazy amazing photographer Richard Israel and didn’t want anyone or anything (i.e. iPhones, DSLR’s, or even iPad’s) to block him from getting the shots of our sacred time.

Anyways, I thought I’d share the article with you all! I hope you learn something new from it and have the understanding of this new trend!



Unplugging Your Wedding. Is It Right For You?

When I hear the word “unplugged,” I think of my technology; my iPhone and iPad are not getting charged. If you are a product of the 90’s, you may think of the television show, MTV unplugged. On your wedding day, you might panic thinking a speaker, microphone, or some decorative lighting doesn’t work because it is…unplugged!

I first heard the term “unplugged” when referring to a ceremony at an industry education event with a panel of wedding vendors. One of the wedding planners on the panel spoke of this term in a way that I had never considered. You see, I am a bride-to-be, but I’m also in the wedding industry. I thought I had seen it all. I thought I knew everything and every vendor that I wanted for my own wedding, but this new idea of an unplugged wedding was very interesting to me.

The definition of an unplugged wedding is a wedding in which the guests are asked to turn off all of their electronic devices (cameras, cell phones, iPads, etc.) throughout the course of the ceremony, or in some cases, for the entire day. The duration and requirements of the unplugged portion of the day depend on the bride and groom’s preferences.

After further thought on this notion of a technology fast for my guests, I decided it seemed absolutely brilliant! By having my ceremony unplugged, my photographer and videographer would be able to get the photos and video that we desired efficiently and effectively. They would not have to work around well-meaning guests standing in the aisle to take a picture with their camera phone or additional flashes ruining a photo. There would be no ringing phones during vows, and no one would feel tempted to jump into the aisle to capture our first kiss. We hired amazing artists to document our joining as one, and we invited all of our guests to witness and be part of our ceremony–not to photograph it for us!

For our wedding, we have chosen to have only the ceremony unplugged. Having been guests and participants in many weddings, we understand that it’s fun to take pictures with your friends and family at the reception, and we didn’t want to lose that excitement. We think that this tech-free ceremony will allow our talented vendors to do their jobs, and hopefully allow our family and friends to truly be present with us for this most sacred ceremony.

There are several different ways to politely ask your guests to turn off all devices. We have chosen to do a few of these so that none of our guests will be surprised. here are some ideas for you to consider:

Have your minister share with the congregation (before the groom and groomsmen come out) that the bride and groom wish for everyone to please turn off all devices, especially cameras, so they can be present and free to fully enjoy the intimate vows of two people uniting in love and commitment.

Post your appeal (along with your reasoning) on your wedding website.

Add it to your programs: “Matthew and casey kindly request that you simply be a guest at our wedding. We would love for you to turn off your phones, tablets, cameras, or any other devices that may keep you from enjoying and fully participating in our ceremony. we promise to freely share our professional photos with you in exchange for keeping your camera put away!”

Ask the ushers to remind the guests as they are being seated.

Have a tech check box at the entrance to the ceremony and have someone “check” everyone’s cell phones and cameras! The thought of that makes me giggle, but hey–it could work!

Having an unplugged wedding isn’t rude. On the contrary, I believe it is more considerate to you and your other guests. As I like to say, it’s your day, so you can do whatever you want. You will reap the benefits of your efforts when you look back on your special day, and when you finally see those much-anticipated wedding photos–the ones you paid the professionals for!




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