Our Birth Story

It makes me laugh out loud knowing that mine and my husbands last date night as just a family of two was spent at Waffle House and going to see ’50 Shades of Grey’!

It was Sunday morning, February 15th, and I had gotten up out of bed. I did my morning ritual (waddle my pregnant butt to the bathroom to pee). As I was walking back into the bedroom I noticed a little leak. So I ran back to the toilet and then the small gush happened! I went downstairs to my unexpected husband and laughed, “Um, my water just broke.” His response was classic: “What?! Are you serious?! Are you serious?!” I called my doctor to make sure it was okay to head to the hospital. She said to head on over! But first, I naturally did what any other makeup artist would do, I did my hair and makeup so I looked presentable when I finally got to meet my daughter (Yea, that didn’t happen but you’ll see why soon!).

We arrived at the hospital around 1pm. I was starting to have mild contractions about 5 minutes apart. They weren’t painful so I was feeling excited! We got checked in and was told after I was checked that my water had, in fact, broken. I was only 1 centimeter dilated so I was put on pitocin to get things moving along. Hours went by and the nurses had to keep elevating my pitocin drip because my cervix wasn’t dilating. Finally sometime between 8pm and 9pm that night the doctor came in and had a plan of action. She wanted to insert a Foley catheter┬áto help my cervix dilate and take me off of the pitocin until 5am the next morning. I won’t go into much detail of the catheter but I will say that I would not wish that pain on my worst enemy. It was the worst thing I’ve ever felt in my life. Poor Matt had no clue what to do except hold my hand in horror! Once it was inserted, I was allowed to eat one last meal. Little did I know at the time that it would be well over another 24 hours before I would be eating again. I tried as best as I could to sleep until my 5am wakeup call to find out how much I had dilated. I found out I got up to 4 centimeters. Not great, but progress.


*I undoubtedly HATE this picture of me but I couldn’t help but laugh because I’m 32 years old and still sleep with Simba! Also, I was so swollen by this time because of all of the IV fluids being pumped into me.*20150217_024239

I decided to go ahead and get the epidural that morning around 11am. The contractions were still bearable but I was told by multiple mama’s to go ahead and get it before they got intense. When the anesthesiologist came in and had me lay in the fetal position on my side, I remember thinking it was a little strange because I thought I was suppose to lean over on the side of the bed. For the next few hours, I would have my cervix checked every 2 hours or so and I would slowly be dilating a centimeter here and there. My parents came by as well as my best friend Lauren and Vivian’s future bestie Chloe came by to visit. I thought it was bizarre because all moms that have had an epidural said that I would feel an immediate relief. I never did. I was still feeling my contractions. I let the nurses know and they told me I’d have to have a new one inserted. I wasn’t looking forward to it because I honestly thought the first one hurt quite a bit. When a different anesthesiologist came in and had me sit on the side of the bed, I was so relieved. That epidural was exactly how it should’ve been from the beginning! He must have thought I was nuts because all I could do was thank him over and over again!

Around 10pm Monday night, I was getting so discouraged and was completely worn out. I had been in labor for 36 hours by that point. My blood pressure was good and stable and so was Vivian’s heart rate. So my doctor checked me around 11pm and I was up to 9 centimeters and 80% effaced. She came back in around 1:45am-2am TUESDAY morning and checked me one final time. I hadn’t progressed any. She simply asked if I could still keep going or was I done. I told her I was done. I wanted a c-section. Within 30 minutes I was wheeled off into the operating room and given a heavier dose of the epidural to get me fully numb from the waist down.



All I could do was shake. I was so nervous to be cut open but so happy to finally deliver my sweet girl. Matt was then escorted into the room before “things got real”. He was my hero. He rubbed my head and just told me how much he loved me and how great I was doing. Finally, the doctor spoke up and told me that I would feel a lot of pressure and that they were taking her out. The pressure was no joke! At 2:47am Tuesday February 17th I heard the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard in my life… My baby girl let out a cry. Matt and I just cried together and laughed! I could barely see her because of how I was draped and where she was so I asked Matt to go be with her. After finally cleaning her up and getting her checked out Matt brought her over to me. She was the most beautiful and perfect little thing I’d ever laid eyes on. All 7lbs 1oz of her!






Vivi meeting Nana for the first time!



I love this picture of these two!


Proud Papa!


Meeting her new BFF Chloe! She was so gentle!









My mom always told me that I wouldn’t understand the love she has for me until I have my own child. And now I do. I really do!


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