Top 5 Skincare Products For Cold Weather

I’d say it’s safe to say that baby, it’s cold outside! During the colder months, it’s smart to switch up your skincare routine as your skin tends to dry out. Here are my top 5 products for the cold weather!


1. First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser $20 – I’ve been using this cleanser for a couple of months now and I love it! It’s a gentle cream cleanser that removes all surface oils, makeup, and dirt. I love the creamy consistency for these colder months because it doesn’t leave my face feeling parched after I cleanse. This is a good year-round cleanser but I included it in this list because it’s especially great for the winter!

2. Aveda Green Science Firming Eye Creme $47 – I’ve been obsessed with this product since my days in esthetics school at the Aveda Institute in St. Petersburg, FL. In my opinion, it’s probably the best eye creme on the market. This eye creme is infused with organic argan oil, ladies thistle, and cactus formula to help smooth fine lines. It also has caffeine which is the best ingredient for correcting dark circles!

3. Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask $25 – This moisturizer was my savior last year when I started on Epiduo for my adult acne and my skin was incredibly dry and flaky from the medication and cold weather. This intense moisture replacement mask with Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oil deeply and instantly quenches compromised moisture reserves and builds a reservoir for tomorrow. Japanese Seaweed repairs skin’s barrier to prevent future dehydration and signs of premature aging. Not to mention, the price point is nice!

4. Aveda Hand Relief $24 – Hands down (pun intended!) the best moisturizer for your hands! The past couple of weeks I’ve slowly broken out in patches of eczema. I can’t tell if it’s pregnancy hormones or the cold weather. Or it could be a combination of the two! But Hand Relief has been the only thing that has calmed the delicate skin on the back of my hands all the way up my arms. The fact that it smells heavenly makes it that much more luxurious! Yes y’all, I use the words heavenly and luxurious in my everyday vocabulary!

5. Laura Mercier illuminating Broad Spectrum Tinted Moisturizer $43 – I love to wear this tinted moisturizer when my skin is dry because it gives it a luminous glow so it covers those flaky, dry patches. It’s also beautiful to wear without a setting powder. Just make sure you apply a primer on beforehand so it stays put. The best thing about wearing a tinted moisturizer in the winter is that it serves many purposes. Coverage, moisture, and luminosity!


36 Weeks Pregnancy Survey


Baby girl has DEFINITELY dropped! You can see in the background we’ve already packed our hospital bags!

Week: 36 weeks!

Total weight gain: I’ve only gained a pound since last week so I believe the grand total is 45lbs…..Oh boy!

Maternity Clothes/Baby Clothes: Surprisingly no and no. Vivian has a ton of clothes now and since I’ve gotten so big, I pretty much wear the same 5 articles of clothing all the time. My signature staples are my black leggings, my Under Armour long sleeve T’s (wearing one above. They aren’t maternity but stretch well and are so comfortable!), Tom’s, and Soma nursing bras. Sexy huh?!

Stretch Marks: These puppies won’t fade until after I deliver. I’ve grown to just accept the things I can not change…..

Sleep: Well, Vivian has definitely dropped in the past few days so it’s a lot easier to breath and sleeping has gotten a little better. I still wake up every couple of hours to pee but I’m able to fall back to sleep pretty quickly.

Miss Anything? Exercising! God, I never thought I’d say that but I do! And I miss a good, fruity martini!

Movement: I believe she’s running out of room in my belly because I can feel everything! Literally everything! She even has woken me up a few times with all of the rolling and stretching!

Food Cravings: Donuts!!! I made Matt stop at Dunkin Donuts on his way home from work 2 nights in a row this week!

Gender: I think you all know by now!

Labor Signs: I’m having Braxton Hicks on and off. They’ve actually started to have a dull, achy feeling so I’m assuming my body is almost ready. Yay!! Matt and I took a childbirth class at the hospital I’ll be delivering at this past Saturday and it helped me feel a little more prepared for what to really expect. But I’m such a hypochondriac with this pregnancy that I still always have the thought, “Is this it?!”

Symptoms: Swelling hands, feet, and nose. And of course, exhaustion.

Mood/Hormonal “Episodes”: Nope, thank goodness!

Looking Forward To: Still can’t wait to spend the weekend with my husband on our first wedding anniversary! He better have something good planned! 😉


Historic Langtree Plantation Wedding

Last month I had the privilege to work on an amazingly gorgeous styled shoot photographed by the talent Erin Kranz Photography. It was a rainy, overcast day but that didn’t stop the pro’s! When I pulled up and saw the beautiful florals, the accessories, the dresses, I knew exactly the look I wanted to do on the model. The colors were vibrant cranberry, green, white, silver, with a mix of rustic woods. The model had beautiful blue eyes so I wanted to keep them very simple (I didn’t even use lashes, ya’ll!) with a light pink matte shadow on the lid, soft brown in the crease, no eyeliner, and light sweep of mascara. I wanted to use the cranberry color in her makeup so I used MAC Cosmetics ‘New York Apple’ lipstick for her lips. With a bit of contouring and light plum blush, she was ready to go!

The photo’s came out so beautiful! It makes me want to get married all over again just so I can have a wedding just like it!

Thank you to all of the vendors involved! It was truly a spectacular shoot!!

Styling & coordination: A Simple Affair Events
Venue: Historic Langtree Plantation
Florist: Willow Branch Flowers & Design
Headpiece & accessories: Aubre’s Bridal
Hair: Darnell Designs
Makeup: Peaches & Glitter
Dresses: Penlorée Atelier
Cake: Sky’s the Limit! Custom Cakes & More
Stationary: Smitten on Paper
Groom’s attire: Taylor Richards & Conger
















Makeup Fail!



Let’s face it, we’ve ALL had a makeup fail! Even me! The fun thing about makeup is that it’s trial and error. You can play with different looks to see what best suits you. I wanted to share with you today my biggest makeup fail. It’s one that I am VERY passionate about and don’t want you to make the same mistake.

With YouTube makeup tutorial videos nowadays it’s so easy to recreate a look from one of your favorite artists. I watch them all the time to get inspiration! But one thing that I notice that a lot of artists do that I can’t stand is setting their under-eye concealer with a highlighting powder from a contour kit. The most popular highlighting powders these artists use are Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighting shade in Banana and MAC Cosmetics Shaping Powder in Emphasize. Highlighting powders have microfine, soft focus technology that accentuates the high planes of the face. They’re meant to bring those areas forward. They go great in conjunction with sculpting powders. The main places that you should highlight on your face are your cheek bones, brow bone, bridge of your nose, and cupids bow of your lips.

Yes, in theory using these powders to set your concealer makes sense. Most peoples skin under their eyes are darker so using a lighter concealer and setting it with a highlighting powder will take the focus off of the darkened area. In certain light it will brighten that area. But what these artists forget about is the flash from a camera when being photographed. Once that camera flashes, all you see is white under the eyes. Here’s an (I hate this picture of me but it was taken the same night as the photo below and shows exactly what I’m talking about!) example of what I’m talking about:


Do you see how white my under-eyes are compared to the rest of my skin?! I look ridiculous! But hey, I’m only human. I tried a look, it didn’t work, and I learned my lesson! The best thing you can do to correct this makeup fail is use a concealer under your eyes that is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. My favorite concealer right now is MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Concealer. A little half pump of this goes a long way! And then I’ll apply it with a wet Beauty Blender. Once it’s blended well, I will then set it with my all-over setting powder that is the same shade as my skin and foundation. A little bit of the lighter shade of the concealer pops through so my dark circles are hidden. The setting powder doesn’t have the soft focus technology that a highlight powder does so when you take photos, you won’t look like a raccoon like I did!

I hope you don’t make the same mistake I did! Trust me, it never turns out well! What have been your makeup fails?!



35 Weeks Pregnancy Survey

Happy Monday and MLK day! I vow right here and now to finish my weekly surveys until Vivian arrives! This trimester is hard because I go from feeling great and getting things done to feeling awful and resting all day. But I miss my surveys and people ask about them all the time so here we go….. =)


Vivian’s nursery is pretty much done. I want to add a few knick knacks here and there but most of that will come with time!

Week: 35 weeks!

Total weight gain: Ugh, I think I’m up about 44lbs now. I won’t say 45lbs because at my last doctors appointment I had surprisingly lost a pound! It’s funny because she was genuinely concerned but I was secretly doing a celebratory dance!

Maternity Clothes/Baby Clothes: I bought Vivi a few more Carter’s Sleep & Play’s at Kohls because I know the first few months she’ll live in those. Not to mention they’re super easy! I figure as long as she has a cute headband to match, mama will be happy!

Stretch Marks: Those ugly, purple monsters are still there. I’m applying lots of cocoa butter and oils on everyday. And so far they haven’t gotten any worse. My mom did get me some Mama Mio Goodbye Stretch Marks Cream that is packed in my hospital bag so I can start using it as soon as I deliver! I could start using them now but I know I’ll need it more than ever when my body starts shrinking back down….. Hopefully!

Sleep: Besides the every 2 hour bathroom wakeup calls, sleep has gotten somewhat better. It’s hard to relieve the pressure on my back but I can at least go back to sleep pretty quickly. My body is just worn down. 5 more weeks, 5 more weeks, 5 more weeks!!!

Miss Anything? A good nights sleep. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss being active and working out. Mainly because I see how huge I’m getting and all I want to do is shrink!

Movement: Let’s just say I think that we have a future dancer in our hands! Here’s a small video of what I mean: Go Vivian, GO!!

Food Cravings: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches….. Yum!

Gender: I think you all know by now!

Labor Signs: A little over a week ago I spent a few hours in Labor & Delivery with contractions that were about 5 minutes apart and lower abdominal pain. It was just a bad case of Braxton Hicks but I’d rather be safe than sorry. I wasn’t dilated at all so that was good!

Symptoms: Sciatica, pregnancy waddle, insomnia, exhaustion, swelling everywhere….. Oh boy!

Mood/Hormonal “Episodes”: Not too bad! I did have another laughing until I cried episodes. Not as bad as the first time but it was still pretty funny. Matt was around for this one and he just stared at me in disbelief!

Looking Forward To: I can’t believe it, but mine and Matt’s first wedding anniversary is coming up February 1st. I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with him not having a care in the world. Lord only knows when our next “romantic” weekend will happen! And of course we’ll be spending the final hours of our anniversary watching the Patriots in the Super Bowl!!! All I have to say is they better win so the day isn’t completely ruined! 😉 GO PATS!!!


Worth The Splurge?

I’ve been eyeing these new gorgeous, and majorly different shadow palettes by Hourglass. They are called the Modernist Eyeshadow Palettes.The layout of the shadows in the palette are like none other. They aren’t separated in their own pans, they flow from one color to the next! From what I’ve seen (I admit, I haven’t been able to get my hands on one yet), the colors are neutral but vibrant. Rich and creamy. And most importantly, blend-able!

Here is a quote from the Hourglass CEO, Carisa Janes: “Eye shadow palettes, with their flat surfaces and defined borders, can be so confining. I wanted to curate a collection of eye shadows with a versatile, continuous spectrum. Much like an artist’s palette, Modernist is designed to inspire an endless number of looks with its sculptural depth and definition.”

So do I think it’s worth the almost $60 splurge?! Absolutely! I’ll be purchasing mine when they are available January 18th! Here are all of the different palettes that will be available!

Obscura (Earth Tones)


Monochrome (Rose Tones)


Infinity (Warm Neutrals)s1621184-main-hero-300Graphite (Smokey)


Exposure (Plums)


Color Field (Olives)


Atmosphere (Cool Neutrals)


I still haven’t decided which palettes I’ll be purchasing because they’re all so beautiful but the one you’ll probably see first on me will be the Monochrome palette. I love my pinks!!! Let me know what you all think!!


What’s in Our Diaper Bag?

I’ve been scouring the internet trying to decipher what I need to pack in Vivian’s diaper bag for our hospital stay. After hours of research and lots of packing, unpacking, and repacking I finally have everything I think we’ll need for the hospital and bringing her home. Have I overpacked? More than likely! But I’ve been an over-packer my entire life. My motto is, “it’s better to be safe than sorry”! Since I’ve stuffed the bag to the brim I’ve broken up everything into sections so you can see everything!

My dear husband bought me the most amazing diaper bag for Christmas. He got me the gray Olivia bag by Storksak. The bag isn’t too big but has limitless compartments and depth to hold anything and everything you need for your little one! I wanted this particular bag because it’s made out of nylon. Easy to clean and durable! It comes with a changing pad, insulated bottle holder, “makeup case”, and built-in stroller hooks.



Diapering & Grooming




1. Travel Wipe Case $14.99 – I bought this precious wipe case from Laura Lee Designs on Etsy. I wanted something cute to put her Huggies Natural Care Wipes into for on-the-go!

2. Travel Hand Sanitizer $1.29 – Not much needing to be explained here!

3. Pampers Swaddlers (Price varies) – Most of the diapers I have stocked up on so far are Pampers and Honest Company. I decided to pack about 6 of these diapers because I know most hospitals use Pampers as well. I know more than likely I won’t be using any of my own diapers while at the hospital but it’s like I said, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

4. Soft Bristle Brush & Comb $4.99 – If my daughter is anything like her mama, she won’t have much use for these the first couple of months. I was born completely bald!! Let’s just hope she has hair like her daddy!

5. Triple Paste $8.88 – With so many brands out there, it’s hard to know which ones are the best! Especially for covering their delicate baby parts! Thank God for my best friend Lauren for showing me what has worked well for her daughter. You can read about our baby registering experience here.

6. Shea Moisture Eczema Therapy Shea Butter $9.90 – I know that the nurses will help us with Vivian’s first bath and will more than likely have lotion for us to use but this stuff is heaven in a tub! It smells like, well, clean baby! I’ll be using this more if her skin gets irritated and use the Shea Moisture Healing Lotion after bath time.




1. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags $16.99 – I’m sure I’ll be exclusively breastfeeding in the hospital but I plan on bringing my breast pump with me so they can show me the proper way to use it. It might take a few days for these 36-D’s to fill up with milk but I want to be prepared just in case!

2. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature 9 Ounce Deco Bottles $16.99 – I bought a few different types of bottles (Medela, Avent, Dr. Brown, and Joovy) but thought I’d try these first to see if Vivian likes them. Again, I doubt I’ll need them but who cares! Are you noticing a pattern here?!

3. Hamco 10-Pack Bibs $12.99 – I received these as a present at my baby shower and thought these will be perfect for when it’s time to burp the little lady. =) I only packed two.

4. Avent Soothie Pacifiers $3.99 – I don’t need to go into detail on these. They’re self explanatory!

5. Lansinoh HPA Lanolin $9.99 – I started using Mama Mio Nipple Balm back in my first trimester because my nipples were already super sensitive from growing. I can only imagine right now what they’ll be going through when I have my daughter latched on many times a day. Lanolin is a MUST!!!

6. Ju-Ju-Be Paci Pod $9.99 – This hooks on perfectly to the inside zipper of my diaper bag. And it can hold 3-4 soothie pacifiers!



1. Unfortunately you can’t purchase this gorgeous, soft blanket. It was made by a dear family friend of ours that actually used to babysit my brother and I when we were younger. It’s the perfect amount of warmth!! Vivian will be using this for a long time to come!

2. Carters 2-Pack Swaddle Blankets $14.00 – I sound like a broken record but, I’d rather be safe than sorry! I know the hospital has swaddling blankets but I wanted to bring my own just in case. I plan on swaddling Vivian from hour one! I have a Woombie here at home but won’t be bringing it because I want the nurses to teach Matt and I how to properly use a swaddle blanket!

3. Nunu Gray Bear Microfleece Blanket $12.99 – I saw these cuties when we were completing our registry and couldn’t resist! They’re so soft and something she can snuggle with when she gets a little older. It also has a loop to hold her pacifiers!

Take Home Outfit


Vivian has a FULL closet of gorgeous clothes but I decided on this precious Little Me Cabbage Rose Outfit ($16.00) to bring her home in. We’ll be in Charlotte’s coldest month so I wanted her to be warm and snuggly but also cute!

Extra Clothes


1. Gerber Unisex White Long Sleeved Onesies $8.90 for 3-Pack – I packed 2 of these just in case. Enough said!

2. Carters Newborn Fleece Footie in Coral $9.99 (I couldn’t find this particular one but the link is similar) – It’s going to be cold out so I want to make sure my baby girl is as warm as possible!

3. Carters Newborn Bear Footie $9.99 – I had to pack another coral outfit to match her nursery for when she gets home!



1. This is another precious gift that can’t be bought. My mom’s sweet cousin made this for Vivian and I absolutely ADORE it! It will go perfectly with so many of her clothes and especially the 2 footies I also packed.

2. Spasilk Burp Cloths $8.99 – These are so soft and very durable. I’m sure these will get used at the hospital!

3. Miss Giggle Buns Coral Knotted Headwrap $7.99 – I’m OBSESSED with these type of headbands for baby girls! They’re soft and can be used for many months since you tie them yourself. They can make any outfit look cute and trendy! I love Miss Giggle Buns headbands because they’re great quality and reasonably priced! You’ll be seeing Vivian in many of these!!

4. Old Navy Newborn Socks $7.94 – I love these because they’re soft, warm, and have the rubber grip on the bottom. Not that she’s going to be walking anytime soon but they’re nice to have!

And last but not least….


While I was in the middle of taking pictures for this post, Dave crawled on top of the rug and thought he was going to take a little nap. Unfortunately he had to be woken up!

I hope this post has helped some new mama’s like myself. Let me know if I missed anything and what you packed in your diaper bag!


Currently Lusting

I love the start of the New Year because of all of the fun new makeup and skincare products that come out for the spring! But lets be honest, with most of us the holidays killed our bank accounts! So today I’m sharing with you what I’m currently lusting from afar!

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick – These lipsticks are similar to Cover Girl lipsticks I reviewed here. But these colors are more vibrant and rich. The lipstick comes in a gloss-like tube and claim to be all-day wear and smudge proof. Another great thing is all of the colors are a matte finish. I personally like matte finish lipsticks because they really do last a lot longer and look more natural on the lips. Not to mention it won’t come off when you kiss someone! I will definitely be slowly adding these to my kit for my brides this year!



2. Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadows – Urban Decay has had these shadows for years now. But as of middle January they will be coming out with 4 new shades. These shadows are great to wear on the lid. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them in your crease or brow bone because of the glitter. That would be a little overboard! These are great for even that gal that doesn’t take the time to apply much makeup because they’re meant to be applied with your finger!



3. Morphe Brushes Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette – I wish I had a link for you to click to go buy this amazing palette but unfortunately it sold out in 2 days! If you don’t know, Jaclyn Hill is an amazing makeup artist featured on YouTube. She teamed up with Morphe Brushes and made a shadow palette of 25 of her favorite shades. And get this….. The palette is only $25!!! Now, the good thing is Morphe will be restocking these palettes in February. Yes, I already have it written down on my calendar! I’ll also be sure to keep you posted when it’s released again.



4. Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon – I’m still in search for the perfect liner for my waterline. From reviews, I feel like these might be my saving grace. These waterproof gel liners give a smooth and precise application and a color payoff like an actual gel liner. If these are as amazing as everyone says, I can definitely justify spending $25 for them!



5. MAC Cosmetics Prep & Prime 24 Hour Eye Base – I’ve noticed since I’ve been pregnant my eyelids have become more oily. I have always used MAC Painterly Paint Pot as my primer for years and loved it. But with my new oily lids, it has lost it’s magic a bit. MAC just came out with this new primer and it has received GREAT reviews so I’m so anxious to use it to see if it helps hold my eye makeup in place! Per MAC; “M·A·C Prep + Prime 24-Hour Eye Base is an innovative new primer that keeps your eye makeup looking fresh and vibrant all day long. The humidity- and sweat-resistant formula prevents shadows from creasing and fading while allowing the hues to stay color true for up to a full day. Comfortable and lightweight, the primer is infused with the rich antioxidants of vitamin E and is ideal for all skin tones and types.” Here’s to hoping!!!!



If you decide to purchase any of these products, let me know what you think!! I’d love some extra feedback!



10 Truths About Pregnancy

As I reach the final home stretch of my pregnancy I decided to list 10 very real (weird, and sometimes gross!) truths about pregnancy. It’s a very long, hard journey. But one I wouldn’t take back for the world. I don’t have a lot of pretty pictures to share in this post. Just my thoughts. So lets get down to it!

1. You won’t have a good nights sleep – This starts from the moment you find out you’re pregnant. The first few weeks you’ll be so excited, nervous, scared, and every other emotion under the sun that it will all affect your sleep. And then morning sickness starts. You’ll have to permanently have ginger ale and crackers on your nightstand. If you don’t eat or drink before standing up, forget it! You’ll be sick for the rest of the day! You may get a little bit of relief and get a good nights rest at the beginning of your second trimester. But it won’t last long. As your belly gets bigger, there are only so many positions you can sleep in. The two that come to mind are laying on your side and your back. Unfortunately the only way to be comfortable on your side is to have a pillow supporting your back, another pillow wedged tightly under your belly, and a pillow between your legs. And when you lay on your back, you have to be propped up by pillows or else acid reflux and heartburn will rear their ugly little heads! Not to mention your baby will be pushed high on your lungs if you lay flat on your back that you won’t be able to breath! Good times!

2. You’ll swell in places you never thought possible – Yea okay, your feet, ankles, and fingers will more than likely swell towards the end of your pregnancy. That’s a given. But what they don’t tell you is you’ll swell in the most random parts of your body you never thought would! The biggest annoyance for me has been my nose. It’s HUGE!!! And it has definitely affected my smile. I’m posting a picture below where you can clearly see the before and after appearance. Of course they blame the swelling nose on hormones like they do everything else in your pregnancy. Personally I believe it’s just a mean, cruel joke. The other place I never thought would swell are my calves. It’s boot season and I can’t wear any of mine!! I’ve always had tiny calf muscles so this was such a surprise to me. Yet another mean, cruel joke!!



3. You’ll be fascinated by every little jab, kick, roll, and hiccup – I can say that I have not once been annoyed by the movement in my belly! Not even when she wakes me up in the middle of the night. I could sit all day long in a quiet room and watch Vivian dance away in my tummy. It’s so much fun to try to figure out if that slow little roll is a knee, a foot, or an arm. A fun game I play is poking her back. If she kicks my ribs, I poke right back and the game starts! We poke each other all day long. Now, if she does decide to have a dance party in the middle of the night I’ve found that if I rub my belly and “ssshhhh” continuously, she’ll go back to sleep. Yes, I realize I probably sound nuts and “sshh-ing” my unborn child back to sleep is more than likely all in my head. But it works I tell you!

4. You’ll see numbers on the scale that you never thought you’d see in your lifetime – I’m only 5’2 and have a petite frame like my mom and dad so every time I go to my Obgyn I’m shocked at the high numbers on the scale. About 8-9 years ago, the highest I ever got on the scale was around 130lbs. At my first appointment at 8 weeks pregnant, I had already gotten up to about 135. As of my last appointment the scale said 175 POUNDS…. Say wha’??!!! I have finally come to the realization that there is nothing I can do about it. Well, I could make smarter food choices but where’s the fun in that?! My advice? Just go into your pregnancy knowing that every woman is different. Not to mention your body is performing a MIRACLE! Just remember that arm flab, that double chin, those dimply butt and thighs will shrink once that little miracle arrives. Yes, you’ll more than likely have to work hard to get back down to your pre-pregnancy size. But hey, that’s life!

5. The smallest tasks are the hardest to accomplish – I’m not talking about going for long walks or light jogs through your neighborhood like you were used to doing before your pregnancy. I’m talking about simply walking up a flight of stairs, attempting to tie your shoes, and my favorite, getting up off of the couch! My husband just watches me at the top of the stairs panting or literally roll off of the couch onto my hands and knees so I can get up and says one word…. “Jesus”. Yes sweetie, I need him on my side right now!

6. You’ll have more than your fair share of bodily fluids – Warning: this one is gross! The first trimester it will mostly consist of your own vomit, saliva, and sweat. But the kicker is what you experience your entire pregnancy….. An obscene amount of discharge. Sorry, I warned you. Just be prepared to keep panty liners and pads with you at all times! These also come in handy when your baby all of sudden pushes really hard up against your bladder and you pee on yourself before you can make it to the toilet!

7. Every single emotion is exaggerated – I’m not just talking about feelings of sadness and love. I’m talking about EVERY emotion. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laughed so hard and then right in the middle of that laughter I’ve started to bawl my eyes out. It’s the strangest thing ever! Before I got pregnant I thought I cried at everything. But since becoming pregnant, it’s been more intense. I’m convinced I have a mild case of bipolar disorder!

8.  You’ll become a narcoleptic – Even though it’s very hard to stay asleep, it’s very easy to fall asleep. I used to have to be at either my house or my parents house to fall asleep. But now?! I can fall asleep anywhere! For example, I fell asleep with kids screaming and laughing at my husbands cousins house on their couch on Thanksgiving! But like they say, sleep when you can!

9. You’ll become a hypochondriac – Pregnancy can be a scary thing. Especially your first time around. Your body will do things it’s never done before! I actually spent this past Sunday evening in Labor and Delivery at the hospital because I was having contractions and Vivian had shifted to a different position and I was in a lot of pain. The worst thoughts were running through my head…. I’m going to deliver tonight because my appendix has ruptured and I’m going to have to have an emergency c-section because the toxins could get to her! Yes, that thought literally went through my head! Well, I ended up just having Braxton Hicks contractions (A very normal occurrence during pregnancy) and Vivian had moved on top of a nerve so that’s why I was in so much pain. Oh well, it’s better to be safe than sorry in my opinion!

10. You’ll love someone you haven’t even met yet more than anything in this world – I’ve always wanted to be a mom. But when I found out I was pregnant, I was scared to death. Were we ready? Am I going to be a good mom? Will my child hate me? I questioned everything. But after we found out we were having a little girl, all of those thoughts were replaced by a love I’ve never felt before. It’s a different sort of love I feel for my husband and my family. It’s something I can’t put into words. But it’s the most intense love I’ve ever felt. And it’s for someone I haven’t even met…… =)



Top Five 2015 Goals

I know everyone says this but I seriously can’t believe how fast 2014 came and went! It was by far the best year of my 32 years on this earth. 2015 is going to be another huge year for me, so what better way to start it off than with goals?! I didn’t want to set resolutions because I never seem to keep them. But with goals, I’m able to work towards them. So here are my top five goals for 2015! Bring it ON!!!

1. Get Organized!!! – This is HUGE to me this year! I’m a Virgo but looking from the outside in, you would never know it. My closet looks like a hurricane went through it, my work contracts are sitting in a lone stack on our dining room table, and if it weren’t for Facebook I wouldn’t know anyones birthdays. This is the year I invest in file cabinets, rearrange my closet, and make a space for everything! Thanks to my brother and sister in law, I was given a personalized planner that has everything I need for my day-to-day life made by Plum Paper for Christmas. It has everything I need including tabs for my schedule, Matt’s schedule, Vivian’s schedule (Eeekk!!), and my work schedule. It also includes a section for the blog!





2. Grow Peaches & Glitter! – I am loving my (somewhat) new business venture! I’ve been doing makeup professionally for about 8 years now and I’ve never once regretted that decision. It’s my passion, my livelihood. I’ve also always loved writing about things I’m passionate about so it’s been amazing these past 7 months being able to share my passion for what I do with everyone. Come February, I’ll more than likely have to take a small sabbatical from the blog. But once my baby girl and I get into a daily routine, it is my goal to be back with a vengeance! I want to do more realistic tutorials for the everyday woman, write about my new venture as a mommy, and give more product reviews! More than anything I want to focus on becoming a brand! Later this year, my biggest goal is working with branding experts on the best way to grow my blog and makeup business!



3. Stop Comparing Myself to Others!!! – I really hate admitting this but I promised myself I would be 100% truthful in my blog. Since becoming pregnant, I will say that I’ve gotten a bit better with it. My priorities have already changed. My number one will always be my daughter. Always. That’s helped to show me that my role in this life is greater than any sort of “envy” I feel towards others. It is my goal this year to push that little demon on out the door for good! I have to constantly remind myself that everyone deals with their own demons as well. No one is perfect. Life is not perfect for anyone. Including me!


4. Get Back Down to My Wedding Weight!! – It’s funny how before I got pregnant I wasn’t fully happy with my weight at my wedding. I thought I could’ve been much thinner. But looking at those pictures now as I feel like a beached whale, I was heavily mistaken! It was a weight I could maintain. And it is my goal to be back to that place as quickly as possible after Vivian arrives! I’ve already started pinning workouts and recipes to my Pinterest board to get me ready! Lord only knows how much extra weight I’ll have to lose but I’m praying it’s no more than 20lbs (I’m trying to be realistic since I’m already up to almost 40lbs!).



5. Be An AMAZING Wife!!! – I’ve had my fair share of good cries this pregnancy because of the love I have for the wonderful man I get to call my husband. I’m even tearing up now typing this! I don’t deserve him. I really don’t. But my God, I’m so grateful for him. He’s shown me more love and support than I knew was possible. It’s also funny looking back on the 8 years we’ve been together and how much our relationship has grown just in the past 8 months. We don’t argue anymore…. Ever! We talk. We laugh more than we ever have. We make decisions together. And we love nothing more than to be with each other. Matt is definitely the bread winner in our little family so it is my goal to support him in every way possible this year. Maybe not as much financially but any little thing I can do to make his life easier, I plan to do. Hell, I even want to start cooking for him (I’m not a cook, ya’ll!)!! I just want him to come home each day, relax, and enjoy his limited time with his wife and daughter and not have to worry about a messy house or what he’ll make for dinner. Call me old fashioned if you want to. I don’t really care. This man deserves it!


** I couldn’t leave out this last little goal. And that goal is to be the best mother I can possibly beI’m a dreamer but I’m also realistic. I’m about to embark on the toughest job of my life. There are going to be days I will question every decision I make with my daughter. But it is my goal and duty as a new mother to go to bed each night knowing I did the best I could possibly do….



It’s been so refreshing typing out my goals. This is going to be a great year. I can feel it!! Cheers to growth and happiness!!!



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