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Has it really been since May since I last blogged?! I never knew how hard it would be to juggle life with a newborn until I had one. I promise to fill you in on life lately but right now I’m going to talk about what a lot of people have been asking me about lately…. My weight loss. The photos below are still a bit embarrassing to me because I still have more to lose and tone up my body. But I’m proud of how far I’ve come in 4 short months.

Once I was cleared to workout 8 weeks postpartum, I started off by cleaning up my diet and working out everyday. I did 2 rounds of Insanity Max 30. Man, was it HARD!! By that time I hadn’t worked out in almost a year. I lost about 15lbs in 60 days. Towards the end of the 60 days I was starting to stall. I needed to lose a total of 30lbs to get to my pre-pregnancy weight, ya’ll!! I needed to do something more. Something better with my diet. I was chatting with my talented makeup artist/stylist friend Lindsey Thorne one day because I had noticed how much weight she had lost after having her son. I asked what her secret was! She told me it wasn’t a secret at all; that it was a lifestyle change! She had started back at the beginning of the year on a nutritional cleanse and it completely transformed not only the weight but her energy level, her outlook on nutrition, and it’s made her feel overall amazing. I was hooked, I had to start immediately! And when I did, this new lifestyle of an alkaline diet and releasing nasty toxins at a cellular level completely changed me. The weight started to finally come off again, I felt energetic, I slept better (which was amazing for me because I’ve always been a light sleeper and when I had Vivian I became an even lighter sleeper. I think my brain was on high alert!), and I didn’t crave high caloric foods and alcohol like I used to.

The gist of this nutritional cleanse is simple. You begin by loading your body with optimal nutrition in order to allow the body to do what it needs to do – which is cleanse out toxins. Once toxicity is out, you can once again free your body to perform in optimal capacity in everything (including weight loss). The system is one that really is about making the body alkaline, reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system.


The system is so easy and guess what?! You get to EAT!! I have 2 meal replacement shakes a day, a 400-600 calorie meal, 2 snacks in between and half my body weight in water. It’s literally THAT easy. With the 30 day system you have 4 cleanse days. The cellular cleanse is notfast for your body… but a way to absorb the nutrients, allow your digestive system to rest and to rid the toxins and replenish your cells!  It is about putting the essential nutrition back into your body. The cleanse and shake days create the cornerstone of continuous, ongoing good health!

So here I am, 15lbs lighter and many inches lost after starting Isagenix. I’m still continuing my weight loss journey so I will be here, cleansing and ridding my body of those awful toxins I put into it while I was pregnant. image1-9


As I continue with Isagenix, I workout everyday. I mix it up at home with different DVD workouts. My favorites are 21 Day Fix Extreme, Pure Barre, and Yoga. I never thought I would love yoga because of it’s slower pace but with all of my added energy, I am able to appreciate it more.

Now through Sunday September 20th, if you want to sign up and be a part of an amazing community of “cheerleaders” doing the same thing as you, your $29 membership fee is waived! Email me at for more information. I would love to help you on your weight loss journey or even if you just want to feel better!



I’ll end this with words I’ve lived by since my baby girl came into the world!




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